A popular MCU character just appeared in Marvel Comics for the first time, and he immediately saved the life of another fan-favorite hero

Orouboros/OB in Loki season 2 and in Web of Spider-Man #1
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Disney Plus' Loki streaming series has offered up variant takes on numerous Marvel Comics characters who differ significantly from their original incarnations, but Ke Huy Quan's Ouroboros/OB is one of a few who had never appeared in a comic book - until now.

In March 20's Web of Spider-Man #1, OB makes his comic book debut in a glimpse at the Time Variance Authority (including the return of another well-known TVA member, hint hint), to save the life of one of the biggest fan-favorite superheroes in the Marvel Multiverse.

Spoilers ahead for Web of Spider-Man #1

OB and Mobius M. Mobius (you probably guessed it) appear in just one of Web of Spider-Man #1's many vignettes that give readers a glimpse at upcoming stories across Spidey's titles and spin-offs. In the chapter by writer Stephanie Phillips, artist Eric Gastur, colorist Matt Milla, and letterer Travis Lanham, Ghost Spider/Spider-Woman/Spider-Gwen/Gwen Stacy takes center stage (and yes, some of her multiple names are addressed). 

Here, Mobius and OB observe Spider-Gwen as she's being chased by a swarm of birds in a mysterious, apocalyptic landscape. Mobius warns OB not to get too attached to any individual incarnation of anyone across the Multiverse, as Variants come and go all the time, and they have to keep their eyes on the big picture - protecting whole timelines.

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But OB can't bring himself to watch Gwen be overtaken and pecked to death by the birds, Alfred Hitchcock style, so he intervenes, and brings Gwen through a portal - presumably to the TVA.

The TVA previously had a judge named Mr. Orobouros, spelled slightly differently than the proper way - Ouroboros - as it's spelled in Loki season 2, and in the new comic, but he only had one brief appearance in 2005 in which he looked totally different. The new Ouroboros looks a hell of a lot like Ke Huy Quan and has the nickname OB, making it clear that he's meant to be an adaptation of the MCU character.

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As for what's next for Spider-Gwen, she's actually coming to the core Marvel Universe on a permanent basis in a new title, Spider-Gwen: The Ghost-Spider, starting on April 10. It seems the TVA may play a part in that transition.

Another alt-universe version of Gwen will make her debut in Ultimate Spider-Man #4 on April 24.

OB joins the ranks of characters like HERBIE the robot and Harley Quinn, among superheroes who originated outside of comic books.

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