A new South Park game is coming from THQ Nordic

The townfolk crowd around a wooden sign that reads "South Park"
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It looks like a new South Park game is finally on the way.

While we have very, very little information to go on - all we really have is the South Park Digital Studios logo and a mysterious voiceover that may or may not depict Stan Marsh dealing with something that is "hot, hot, hot" - the teaser at the end of THQ Nordic's recent 2022 Showcase at least confirms that a new installment is definitely coming.

If you missed it, you'd be forgiven. Right at the end of the broadcast - after the presentation thanked us for watching - a message popped up on the screen.

"As of today, THQ Nordic (HandyGames not included) has 43 games in development. Thereof 26 still unannounced AFTER this showcase," it said: "Thank you for watching."

Next thing you know, the 25 figure is scribbled out, the screen fades to black, and up pops the logo for South Park Digital Studios, which of course includes four featureless but utterly unmistakeable figures you may already know live in South Park.

"Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot," says an off-screen voice - I think it's Stan's father, Randy? - before adding: "Urgh! Oh… oh, it's coming!" Then the 26 number is amended to 25 instead. 

And… well, that's it. No details. No release date. No platforms. Not even an indication of what the game will be about or its genre, I'm afraid. But at least we know it's on the way, eh?

Did you know South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker were "very, very close" to making a full-length Donald Trump deepfake movie, but ended up putting it on hold?

As Lauren explained at the time, the duo's viral Sassy Justice series - a parody interview series that stars a deepfake Donald Trump as Wyoming news reporter Fred Sassy - came from the concept of a full-length Donald Trump deepfake movie.

Sadly, the film was essentially shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, "a day away from starting production".

There are plenty of big titles on our upcoming PS5 games and upcoming Xbox Series X games lists that you can get stuck into while you wait for more news about this mysterious new South Park game.

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