The upcoming South Park game will be developed by South Park Studios

South Park Fractured but Whole
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Update: The next South Park game will be developed by South Park Studios, the series' co-creator Matt Stone has confirmed. 

Announced last week via Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier, a new South Park game is in development. When the news broke it was unclear whether Ubisoft would be taking the reigns of this upcoming game considering the company worked on previous South Park games; The Fractured But Whole and The Stick of Truth in collaboration with South Park Studios. 

However according to another tweet from Schreier, "the new South Park video game is being developed by their own internal studio, co-creator Matt Stone told my colleague." You can read the original story below. 

Original story: A new South Park game is apparently in development from the creators of the series.

The tweet below from Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier, highlights a report on a new company established by South Park series creator Trey Parker and Matt Stone, stating that they plan to use the associated money "to invest in a wide range of creative endeavours, including [...] a 3D video game that is set in the world of 'South Park'."

The article itself reveals that the duo have established a new company to bankroll several projects, including movies for the Paramount Plus streaming service, a weed company (of course), and the new South Park video game. Right now, this is the first confirmation that we've had of a new South Park game being in active development.

As Schreier points out, this South Park game might not be published by Ubisoft. If you're unfamiliar with South Park's foray into video games, South Park: The Stick of Truth, and South Park: The Fractured But Whole were published by Ubisoft in 2014 and 2017 respectively. The first game was developed in partnership with Obsidian Entertainment and South Park Digital Studios, while the latter game was developed between South Park Digital Studios and Ubisoft's internal game development studios.

All we know right now about this forthcoming South Park game is that it's coming at some point soon, and it's being overseen by the same creative duo as before. Right now, we don't know who is publishing the game, or who is even developing the new adventure, although it's fairly safe to say South Park Digital Studios might be involved once again.

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