A new Pokemon anime inspired by Legends Arceus is coming to Netflix

Broke takes off his shirt during battle in Pokémon: The Arceus Chronicles
(Image credit: Netflix)

A new Pokemon anime inspired by Pokemon Legends Arceus is coming to Netflix next month.

Announced today, Pokemon: The Arceus Chronicles will debut on Netflix next month on September 23. However, if you happen to be at the Pokemon World Championships 2022 in London on August 19, you can catch a sneak peek beforehand of the debut episode in a special live screening.

The Arceus Chronicles sees Ash, Pikachu, Goh, and Dawn venturing to the Sinnoh region, where Pokemon Legends Arceus players will know the last mainline game took place. This time, we're again coming into contact with the Legendary Arceus, when the company receives a mysterious message from the imposing creature.

Again, Team Galactic is returning to the fold in the new anime show on Netflix. You'll no doubt remember the nefarious organization if you played Pokemon Legends Arceus, as one of the more annoying groups that mess with the player character and their allies throughout the Pokemon games.

This is far from the first Pokemon anime series based on a mainline game, and it's not even the first anime series based on Pokemon Legends Arceus. Earlier this year in May, Hisuian Snow debuted on YouTube, telling the story of newcomer protagonist Alec across three special episodes. This time, the new anime series is skipping out on a YouTube launch and arriving exclusively on Netflix for viewers worldwide.

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