Pokemon Legends Arceus anime begins in May on YouTube

Pokemon Legends Arceus
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The Pokemon Legends Arceus anime spin-off release date has been revealed.

Earlier today, the official Pokemon Twitter account announced that Pokemon: Hisuian Snow would arrive on the company's YouTube channel next month on May 18. That's the first episode of the anime series, to be precise, with two more to come afterwards.

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Right now, we don't know a massive amount about the new Arceus anime spin-off series. We know that it stars a newcomer called Alec, and that he'll be journeying through the ancient land of Hisui, encountering Pokemon as he goes. While we'll probably see some of the same creatures as in Pokemon Legends Arceus, we don't know if any of the game's human characters will be crossing over into the series.

The new Arceus spin-off show is being developed by Japanese animation company WIT Studio. If you're unfamiliar with the animation studio now, you probably won't be after this list of bangers, as the studio has developed/co-developed the likes of Spy x Family, The Ancient Magus' Bride, Ranking of Kings, and Pokemon the Movie: The Power of Us with various other studios.

That's quite the portfolio for the developer. Last time we saw a Pokemon series tie in with a mainline game, it was for Pokemon Sun and Moon, as the original Pokemon anime saw Ash and co. head to the Alola region for some new adventures. The series departed Alola back in late 2019, so all things considered, it's been a fair while since an anime spin-off of a Pokemon game.

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