"A mindf**k of the highest order" – The first reactions to Midsommar are here… are you ready?

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Midsommar, the new horror movie from scare extraordinaire Ari Aster (who also directed the wickedly-terrifying Hereditary) is just weeks away. But a select bunch have managed to watch the movie earlier and, well, judging by their reactions, they won’t be sleeping until release day. But it’s not all chills – Midsommar is also a movie that brings the laughs too. Intrigued? Take a glimpse into possibly one of the best horror movies around with our whistlestop tour of the world-first reactions.

You won't be sleeping anytime soon

First things first: Midsommar is scary. It’ll worm its way inside your brain and stay there for a long, long time. Don’t take my word for it: Here’s what some of the people who were frozen for two hours-plus have to say.

Ari Aster is on a roll

The difficult second album (or, in this case, scarefest) can trip over many a fledgling artist. Not so Ari Aster, whose direction elevated Hereditary to new heights and it looks like he’s done the same thing second time around.

Florence Pugh is the next breakout star

Pugh, who last starred in Fighting With My Family, is getting all the plaudits for her turn in Midsommar. Could we be looking at the next big Hollywood star? Don’t bet against it, judging by these reactions and the fact she’s lined up to join the MCU in the Black Widow movie next year.

Midsommar brings the laughs, surprisingly

If you manage to peek out from behind your hands long enough, there’s a chance that Midsommar might give you a fit of the giggles. Unlike the (understandably) dreary Hereditary, there’s plenty of fun to be found among the terror here.

How Midsommar compares to Hereditary

The signs are good. Essentially, if you liked Hereditary, you’re going to love Midsommar, even if it might not be as bone-chilling. Maybe that’s a good thing. I still haven’t recovered.

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