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A Han Solo movie sizzle reel allegedly 'impressed' Disney... before its directors were fired

The production of the Han Solo movie may be feeling like a womp rat post-Luke smooshing right now, but it’s not all bad news: Disney have allegedly seen a sizzle reel for the movie and are pretty darn impressed. Colour me confused.

StarWarsNewsNet reported that the sizzle reel in question was shown pre-Phil Lord and Chris Miller firings, which only opens up a whole bunch of questions about the production’s issues. Disney technically being Lucasfilm’s taskmasters confuses things further.

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Not only that, but the whispers of Alden Ehrenreich needing an acting coach conflict with the suggestion that the Disney licensees were very happy with both his portrayal of Han Solo, as well as Donald Glover’s turn as Lando Calrissian. Either that acting coach paid off, or things were blown way out of proportion on Lucasfilm’s end…

This all paints a picture of a production that, though the waters have been muddied, still has a lot of potential and promise. It may have just been a case of Lucasfilm not wanting the tail to wag the dog when it came to their project; the work may have been good but the directors weren’t doing it in the ‘proper’ way.

Image: Lucasfilm

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