80GB PS3 in stores

The "future-proof" 60GB PS3 has officially been dethroned as the top hardware offering from Sony Computer Entertainment. The previously-announced 80GB hard drive-equipped PS3/MotorStorm bundle is now part of SCEA offerings at both online and brick-and-mortar retailers.

The pack sells for $600 and is intended to appeal to the user who wants to jump online for gaming, as well as fill up the larger hard drive with gamesthat offerdownloadable content.

MotorStorm is a critically acclaimed off-road racer that can have up to 12 players playing online at once.

"...We have effectively created a system that is 'future-proof,' providing consumers an exceptional entertainment value that will stand the test of time," said SCEA VP of marketing Peter Dille.

Sony currently offers the 60GB PS3 for $499, lower than the launch price tag of $599. However, Sony will only be selling the 60GB model at that price point until the current inventory is depleted, which SCEA predicts will happen sometime this fall.

The firm said that since the price drop of the 60GB model, sales at its top five retailers (Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Target, Circuit City and GameStop) have increased 113 percent when compared to the four week average prior to the July price drop.

Source:Next Generation

August 7, 2007