8 more classic Universal movies that should be made into games

Okay, so this is a TV show rather than a movie, and itwas originally on ABC, but it's brilliant and Universal currently has the DVD rights. So it counts, you hear?

Twin Peaks is such a perfect fit for an adventure game that it almost putsus in very real, physical pain to think about it. There's a mystery to be solved. There's a fish-out-of-water protagonist investigating a weird, alien environment with a secret. And for once, incongruous logic, overly-cryptic writing and odd characterisation would be completely acceptable. David Lynch, meet the adventure genre. I know you're going to be very happy together.

Weird Science

John Hughes' 1985 sci-fi comedy cannot fail as a Telltale adventure game. Two high school geeks accidentally create their perfect woman using a Barbie Doll, a thunder storm and an ancient home computer. She turns out to be Kelly LeBrock packing reality manipulation powers. Hilarity ensues.

So the game sets the scene by having us point and click our way through a few miserable school days while trying to avoid jock humiliation. Then we hit the creation stage, wherein we have to research, find and collect together all the required bits and bobs needed. Get it wrong, and we come up with a drooling, wheezing abomination that wants to take a shower with us regardless.Get it right, and we spend the rest of the game outsmarting our oppressive older brother, bluffing our way through pissed-up nights at blues clubs, and eventually working out how best to use our creation's abilities to screw over the school bullies, steal their girlfriends, generally win the day ,and hide that wayward nuclear missile before mum and dad get home.


Okay, this one would be a pretty big change of tone for Telltale, but it could work brilliantly. You've got a sprawling international mystery, as Clarice Starling, the Italian Police, and dog food psycho Mason Verger all try to track Hannibal down. You've got complex character machinations and all kinds of machiavellian plotting as Hannibal tries to stay on top of the story's other protagonists. And to round it all off, you've got potential for a great Operation/Cooking Mama hybridmini-game in which you open up Ray Liotta's skull and dissect his brain for dinner. A win on all counts. We're just sad that Universal's lack of involvement in Silence of the Lambs would disallow anyBuffalo Bill Dance Dance Revolutionaction.

Uncle Buck

We could try to justify this one by citing John Hughes' warm comic dialogue, Buck's interpersonal struggles with his relatives, and the madcap scenarios that fill the film from start to finish, but really, we just miss John Candy and want a game containing a massive 3D model of his big grinning face. It would make us happy.

But what do you think? Any other movies that Telltale should have tried to get hold of as part of the deal? And Universal or not, what's your dream movie adaptation, and how would you like to see it done? Let us know in the comments, or splurge your opinionsat ourFacebookandTwitterportals.