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7 Stranger Things costumes that turn Halloween upside down

You might have noticed an influx of immigrants from Hawkins, Indiana at Halloween parties and out trick or treating this year, thanks to the global phenomenon that is Stranger Things (opens in new tab). It's great to see all manner of folks embracing their inner basement-dwelling, nerdy children, but some costumes are a cut above the rest. Here are some of my favorites from Halloween and beyond.

This Demogorgon with working mouth can go right back to the Upside Down, thanks

By cblimagery

Joyce's wall lights in shirt form

By Sarah Schechter

Steve and Nancy haven't forgotten about Barb

By McDeepey (opens in new tab)

You'd better hope baby Eleven isn't colicky

By hey_suburbia (opens in new tab)

The pudding tin really sells this Dustin get-up

By catncrunch (opens in new tab)

An unhinged Joyce and the Demogorgon in the wall

By Amanda Meldrum and Roy Holt, via Fashionably Geek (opens in new tab)

Eleven and Eggo, the truest One True Pairing of all

By buhdana (opens in new tab)

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