6 things we learned from the Battlefield 1 single-player campaign trailer

We finally know what to expect from Battlefield 1's globe trotting campaign thanks to the new single-player trailer. EA's flagship shooter series still hasn't quite caught up to Call of Duty in terms of impressive scripted moments, but a vignette-style return to Battlefield's historical roots could be just what it needs to come into its own. Here are a few new details to get excited for from the trailer.

You'll fight alongside Lawrence of Arabia

Thomas Edward Lawrence, the famed soldier, adventurer, and author is a major character in Battlefield 1. But you won't play as him - instead you'll take on the role of a Bedouin soldier who fights alongside Lawrence in the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Empire. We know he survives, obviously, but the fate of your warrior woman is less clear. One thing is for sure, though... 

Mounted combat looks great

You're going to raise absolute havoc on horseback. If you played the Battlefield 1 open beta you already got to sample playing as cavalry, and it looks like the Bedouin soldier of the single-player campaign is at least as good with a saber. Trying to fight in a malfunction-prone tank is going to look positively grim next to cutting through soldiers on your trusty steed.

You'll be part of a tank crew

Speaking of malfunction-prone tanks, the star of the "Through Mud and Blood" section is going to spend a lot of time cursing at one. In real life, operating one of those old tread-mounted grain silos required a whole crew working together, but in the multiplayer mode one player can drive, aim, and fire all by themselves. The single-player campaign at least acknowledges that there are several folks sweating and shouting away in there, but it looks like you'll still have total control over the tank.

You'll see London, though it might be brief

You can see the early 19th century London skyline for about a second in the single-player trailer, complete with a battleship floating in the Thames. No ground fighting ever occurred in London (or the rest of Great Britain) but the Germans did conduct bombing raids throughout the war. Repelling German bombers from British airspace could be a nice warm-up for the Friends in High Places mission.

The Harlem Hellfighter's part of the campaign is still a mystery

A soldier from the US' all-black Harlem Hellfighters infantry regiment appears on the box art for Battlefield 1, and he seems to show up twice during the trailer. He might also be the voice of the narrator. But we still know next to nothing about the part he'll play in the campaign, as well as that armored soldier who seems to be from the Italian Alps campaign. Maybe EA and DICE are saving the best for last.

It really wants you to care about the characters

Almost every story laid out in the single-player trailer centers around duos: there's the Bedouin woman and Mr. of Arabia, the pilot and the photographer, and so on. By pairing each of the playable characters with a persistent, non-playable companion, it looks like EA and DICE are trying harder than ever to keep you grounded in their stories. By which I mean they're going to kill some of them and we're going to cry about it.

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