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6 things from CES 2021 that gamers need to see

CES 2021 is over for another year, and if you missed any of it we're here with a lightning-fast recap of all the best bits. We've distilled all that techy goodness down to the six announcements from the show that gamers can't afford to miss.

There's Razer's first facemask, a cutting edge bit of COVID protection that enhances your voice and, of course, comes with RGB lighting. Sony showed off a whole batch of new televisions including the Bravia XR, the "world's first TVs with cognitive intelligence," that adjust the settings of the image you're seeing as you're watching. 

Nvidia talked about the performance and BAR technology of its new GeForce RTX 3060, and LG and Asus both revealed their offerings for next-gen TV and monitors. The Lenovo Lavie Mini prototype was like a Nintendo Switch and a laptop had a beautiful baby, and PlayStation let slip some all-important release dates for upcoming games. We didn't get the PS5 SSD we had been hoping for, but we're sure we'll get more on that from Sony soon. 

If you want a deeper dive on what Sony had to say at CES 2021 you can read all about what we learned from the Sony CES 2021 conference, or if your interests are more PC based, check out what AMD announced this year here

You’ll be able to find all the hot news from the entirely virtual CES 2021 in our Innovation Week hub and the winners of The Future Tech Awards here

Rachel Weber

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