What we learned from the Sony CES 2021 conference

We were hoping to see some news on PS5 SSD options at the Sony CES 2021 show, instead, the company wanted to show off its latest line of 4K and 8K TVs.  You can see a full reaction from our very own Dan Dawkins above, which will take you through everything you need to know from the CES 2021 showcase.  

We're particularly fascinated by the Sony Bravia XR, what the company is calling the "world's first TVs with cognitive intelligence." While that might sound like the starting point for a particularly low budget Terminator spin-off, it's a technology that's "designed to replicate the way our brains think and respond" and to adjust every part of the picture on your TV and the sound coming from your speakers so that you're getting the best experience possible. How that will actually translate to your 439th viewing of The Office episode where they play a murder mystery game is something that we'll need to see (and hear) to find out. 

We shouldn't be surprised at the focus on TVs that sound like they were conceived in the Black Mirror writer's room - even though Sony revealed the PS5 logo at CES 2020, TVs have always been the big headline-grabber at CES alongside the weird and wonderful gadgets. 

We'll be following CES 2021 all week - and here are the 5 CES 2021 announcements we're hoping to see - so check back in regularly to see all the latest and greatest from the world of technology. 

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Rachel Weber
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