6 Robert De Niro movies that would make badass games

We'll admit it: we've got a massive man crush on Robert De Niro. Well, at least for classic De Niro, before all his films started to lose their shit in spectacular style in the noughties. Before then, he starred in some of the greatest war and crime flicks ever, any one of which would make awesome adult games.

Why the hell should we have to put up with Generic Space Marine 36 or Emo RPG Explorer 72, when we could berunning people over with Taxi Driver's Travis Bickle or whacking wiseguys with Goodfellas' Jimmy 'The Gent' Conway? That's why we've taken the best movies from the'Greatest Actor Ever' TM and mashed themupwith brilliant games, tocreate the mostbadass Bobby titles ever.

David Meikleham
Google AMP Stories Editor

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