50 Worst Photoshop Movie Posters


Someone's been taking some lessons from the X-Men: First Class school of composition.

Can't work out how to fit two people into a poster? Just super-impose one of their heads onto the other like a giant Zordon from Power Rangers.

Hall Pass

Stephen Merchant there, rocking the neck of the Brontosaurus from Jurassic Park .

Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire

At first glance, this isn't so bad.

Then you realise that everyone and everything seems to be resting on its own individually tilting tectonic plate.

Oh, and that - while we appreciate he was only starting out in his career - Robert Pattinson looks more 12 and not his actual then-19.

Hotel For Dogs

We understand that getting that many dogs to pose for one photo would challenge even Dr. Dolittle.

But just copying and pasting one on top of the other is naff.

Throwing in a terrifyingly detached Cujo-looking monster dog, and sandwiching its head between two moppets who are blatantly not there just screams lazy.

Friends With Kids

Getting such an all-star cast into the same room at the same time was bound to be a mission.

But if you're just going to photoshop stills of them together, at least have them maintain some kind of coherent eyeline.

Blonde & Blonder

While Denise Richards and Pamela Anderson have made hugely successful careers based on their looks, even they must have objected to a poster that photoshopped 30 years off their faces, and turned them into dead-eyed, soulless mannequins.

Beverley Hills Chihuahua 2

Again, working with dogs probably isn't ideal.

But at least take a photo of a real one before you photoshop sunglasses onto it.

If the entirety of Imgur, Twitter and Tumblr can stage images like the above for real on a regular basis, so can you, Mr. Big Studio Designer Person.

The Accidental Husband

Uma Thurman's plummeting to a rather grizzly death.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Colin Firth's body language is more 'Eh? What can you do?' than 'I'll save you darling!'.

The Accidental Husband (Again)

The most apathetic suitors in cinematic history are back.

And this time they can't even be bothered to bring their real arms.

King Arthur

Anyone who thinks Keira Knightley needs 'touching up' is a mad man.

So it was depressing to see the US marketing campaign for King Arthur digitally boost her bust for no reason whatsoever.