50 Worst Photoshop Movie Posters


Nicole Kidman. Nicolas Cage.

They're both so air-brushed we can't tell which is which.

Over Her Dead Body

Last we checked, Eva Longoria was of Hispanic descent.

So why she's portrayed as a very caucasian lady here is beyond us.

The Heat

We understand that shaving a couple of inches off your average celebrity is a depressing design reality.

But shaving over 30lbs off one of your lead actresses' faces? Bad, pointless and embarrassing form.

Good Luck Chuck



Please, someone, make everything about this stop.

Jessica Alba looks like she's either just been roofied, or is lying on a coroner's table.

Dane Cook has the intense stare and overly involved body language of the person who probably put her there.

Selling the rom-com dream there, Hollywood.

How High

Sure, the composition of the character placement is jarring.

But our favourite bit? The grassline and textures which refuse to sync up.


X-Men: First Class

We know the production was a little rushed (remember Fassbender's weirdly OIRISH Magneto in the final act?), but that's no excuse for the marketing team to dial in such amateur photoshoppery.

X-Men: First Class (Again)


The designer's mutant superpower: projectile disappointment.


Again, with the weird ageism.

Sigourney Weaver's stonkingly beautiful no matter the age. But this poster for Heartbreakers (released when Weaver was 52) makes her look 20 years younger.

Oh, and creepy photobombing Gene Hackman doesn't help either.

The Whole Ten Yards

Most photoshop disasters at least start with a real-life image of the actor they're based on.

Not so much here.

Hot Flashes

Two of these women are Brooke Shields and Daryl Hannah.

If you can spot which is which, please do let us know.