50 Worst Photoshop Movie Posters

Just My Luck

Naff fake CGI weather + naff goofy Pine-face + metaphorical storytelling imagery with the subtlety of a sledgehammer to the face = a poster of a quality deserving of the film itself.

Last Holiday

Who, really, needs an effective background when you just drag and drop a big white square?

And who, really, needs to see who's in your supporting cast anyway? Is that Tom Hanks wearing the scarf? Brad Pitt?

We have no idea.

Failure to Launch

The Matthew McConaughey rom-com effect (an inability to stand vertical - unaided - on every movie poster) comes as standard.

But this is just lazy.

At least capitalise on the movie title - throw them on a trampoline. Strap him to a rocket. Anything.


Shank always intended to show the grittier, dirtier side of London life.

But quite who the young cast are running to or from is anyone's guess.

Dynamic, this ain't.

One For The Money

You can understand that Jason O'Mara probably wasn't keen on posing tied up and upside down for the promotional campaign.

But at least photoshop him in a way that incorporates a real rope - oh, and that hasn't gone over-eager on the smudge tool. Who needs a shirt line anyway?

Everybody's Fine

Sure, 'Everybody's Fine' .

If by 'fine' you mean 'magically de-aged' into plastic surgery nightmares.

We think that's Sam Rockwell.



Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

The Journey series isn't exactly one you'd say is based in reality.

But even so, the CGI-ness of this is a disaster. Not only do none of them look even remotely there, but Vanessa Hudgens appears to have had a gratuitous boob job mid-way through the production.

Extreme Measures

A harrowing drama about a medical rarity.

From the looks of this, it's all about conjoined twins joined at the shoulder.


Every main character looking as engaged and interested with each other as the audience felt watching the movie.

The Change-Up

If they ever made a Ryan Reynolds action figure, it'd still look less plastic-y and stiff than this botch job.