50 Movie Bad Girls Gone Good

Diana (Identity Thief)

Evilest Act: Stealing the identity of Sandy Patterson and burning through his savings to buy hideous outfits in Florida, before getting him tangled up in a drugs investigation.

The Turnaround: Accepts her fate by turning herself into the Police. Knowing Sandy is too nice a guy and would rather lose his job than roll over, she ends up serving time in the pen getting tasered.

Heather Mooney (Romy and Michele's High School Reunion)

Evilest Act: Throughout her entire stretch at high school, refusing to acknowledge classmate Toby without prefacing it with expletives.

The Turnaround: Only ever seeing the torture she was put through at high school, she realises that she too wielded the gauntlet of bitchiness over Toby. She agrees to sign her yearbook.

Page Conners (Heartbreakers)

Evilest Act: Robbing unsuspecting auto-shop body owner, Dean Cummano, through a long, elaborate con with her mother, Max.

The Turnaround: When Max comes clean about their con on good-guy bar owner, Jack, Page’s genuine feelings for him cause a change in heart. As well as returning to him the bar he’d given up for their divorce settlement, she finally tells him her real name.

Jeanie Bueller (Ferris Bueller's Day Off)

Evilest Act: Spending the entire day trying to foil her brother’s day off, belittling anyone who gets in her way. Hey, why should he ditch, when everyone else has to go?

The Turnaround: As Dean of Students Ed Rooney gets his mitts on Ferris moments before getting away with his illegitimate day of absence, Jeanie covers for her brother. She then throws the snivelling Rooney to the dogs. Literally.

T-Rex (Jurassic Park)

Evilest Act: Not satisfied with the live goat appetiser provided by Hammond’s minions, T-Rex decides to chase down a poor, defenseless lawyer and eat him whilst on the loo.

The Turnaround: As Alan, Tim and Lex face certain death at the hands of two particularly antagonistic raptors, T-Rex bursts in and knocks them back as a light afternoon snack.

Lucy Diamond (D.E.B.S.)

Evilest Act: Robbing a bank to get the attention of paramilitary hotties, D.E.B.S., so she can kidnap the one she thinks is kinda foxy.

The Turnaround: Falling in love with her hostage, Amy. She finally gives up on her dastardly ways, returning the money she stole during the height of her evil reign.

Selina Kyle (The Dark Knight Rises)

Evilest Act: Arranging for Batman to meet Bane for a cup of tea and a civilised chat...when it was actually a set up to lure The Bat from Gotham and into a giant hole-shaped prison.

The Turnaround: Being offered access to the “Clean Slate” software by Bruce soon sorts out her moral compass. Shortly after she aids Batman in liberating Gotham by taking out Bane. That’ll do it.

Miranda Priestly (The Devil Wears Prada)

Evilest Act: Delivering a degrading rant to her assistant Andy in front of the entire staff of Runway magazine about how her blue sweater came to be. Yikes. Thank goodness she wasn’t wearing her leopard print jeggings.

The Turnaround: Providing Andy with a glowing recommendation, despite their shaky working relationship. She even manages to flash a hint of a smile.

Miss Irvine (The Witches)

Evilest Act: Serving as the Grand High Witch’s assistant, she aids her in a mission to rid the planet of its children by turning them into rodents. Much to the chagrin of pest controllers the world over.

The Turnaround: Getting her own back on the Grand High Witch, under cover of darkness she returns two of her scuttling victims from mice back to men.

Regan MacNeil (The Exorcist)

Evilest Act: Providing the demon Pazuzu with a lovely warm host to inhabit, she provokes anyone who attempts to exorcise her. The unlucky Father Merrin is her first victim, who winds up dead on the floor.

The Turnaround: Pazuzu jumps into the body of Father Karras, leaving Regan free to engage in typical little girl behaviour. Which will probably include bible study.

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