50 Movie Bad Girls Gone Good

Elizabeth Burke (The Faculty)

Evilest Act: Humiliating cool guy rebel Zeke in front of the entire school while under the influence of alien puppetry. The smokin’ hot teacher then tries to kill him.

The Turnaround: Once the chief alien is FUBAR’d behind the bleachers, Miss Burke returns to her previously demure self. She even cheers on the newly-jockish Zeke during a football game.

Gina (Empire Records)

Evilest Act: Knowing full well her best friend Corey is desperate to lose her virginity to sleazy pop hasbeen, Rex Manning, she sleeps with him anyway.

The Turnaround: With her tail between her legs, she apologises to Corey before taking to the stage, overcoming her fears of singing in public and helping to save the Empire!

Tess Carlisle (Guarding Tess)

Evilest Act: As a former First Lady, she hauls in the executive power of the President to ensure her Secret Service Agent Doug Chesnic is unable to leave her service for another three years.

The Turnaround: Watching old news footage of her husband’s death, she notices Doug wiping a tear from his eye. She soon softens up like an old Christmas Pudding that’s been had at with a cricket bat.

Tia Russell (Uncle Buck)

Evilest Act: Setting up her Uncle Buck with thigh-straddling neighbour Marcie so Buck’s long-term girlfriend Shanice thinks he’s having an affair.

The Turnaround: Being dumped by her boyfriend Bug after she won’t sleep with him, she reconciles with her uncle. The two bond while terrorising Bug with a drill. She then comes clean to Shanice and makes amends with her Mother.

Briony Tallis (Atonement)

Evilest Act: Pointing the finger at her sister’s lover Robbie Turner and wrongly accusing him of rape. Just because she fancies him.

The Turnaround: Years later, looking back at how her actions caused her sister Cecelia and love of her life Robbie to be separated, she reunites them in fiction.

Dana Barrett (Ghostbusters)

Evilest Act: Having her body taken over by Zuul, she pants and moans and attempts to bring about the end of the world by copulating with dweeby neighbour, Louis Tully.

The Turnaround: When the Ghostbusters send doomsday-bringer Gozer back to its own world, Dana is released from the shackles of Zuul and duly makes out with Venkman.

Julianne Potter (My Best Friend's Wedding)

Evilest Act: Following the announcement of her best friend Michael’s wedding, she cooks up a plan to sabotage it on the basis of a what-if-we-aren’t-married-when-we’re-28? scenario the two hatched when they were kids.

The Turnaround: The flame-haired temptress finally bishes when Michael doesn’t kiss her back, as he insists he loves his fiancee Kimmy. She takes off her meddling cap and behaves like a grown up by slow dancing with her gay best friend.

Nikki Finn (Who's That Girl?)

Evilest Act: Fresh out of the slammer with an obvious desire to return as soon as possible, she shoplifts, plants merchandise on an unsuspecting bystander and hijacks a car, before engaging in a car chase with the police. Then lies to them about why she was speeding.

The Turnaround: Determined to frame the man responsible for her wrongful incarceration she dramatically shows up at a wedding, exonerates herself and identifies the real murderer with proof. And befriends a tiger called Murray.

Tiffany (Bride Of Chucky)

Evilest Act: Taking a leaf out of Martha Stewart’s book, she improvises a homicide and kills the meddling Police Chief Kincaid by orchestrating a catapult of nails to his face.

The Turnaround: Stabbing Chucky in the back as he is on the cusp of transferring their hateful pint-sized selves into the bodies of youngsters Jesse and Jade.

Wanderer (The Host)

Evilest Act: As a member of an amoebic alien race, setting up shop in the body of a young girl against her wishes is pretty darn evil. Especially as she wastes a perfectly good opportunity to do something reckless. Like a canyon swing.

The Turnaround: Spending time around humans instils her with a conscience, so she agrees to give up her body....even if it means she dies! *sob*

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