50 Movie Bad Girls Gone Good

Suzie Toller (Wild Things)

Evilest Act: Ruining the reputation of schoolteacher Sam Lombardo by falsely accusing him of rape while under oath in court.

The Turnaround: Avenging the death of her friend Davie, killed years before by Officer Duquette. The officer, who was in cahoots with Lombardo all along, gets his comeuppance as Suzie fills him with lead and sails off into the sunset.

Elizabeth Halsey (Bad Teacher)

Evilest Act: Switching desks with fellow teacher Amy Squirrel in order to frame her for smoking pot, knocking back gin and chewing on OxyContins. Amy is hauled away screaming in front of the entire school by the cops. Then moved to the worst school in the county. Well, no one likes a teacher on the toke, do they?

The Turnaround: Finally giving up the chase for richboy dimwit Scott Delacorte in favour of likeable gym teacher Russell.

Sue Snell (Carrie)

Evilest Act: Joining her classmates in the war against menstruation by pelting the unsuspecting Carrie with sanitary products. She chooses to join her scathing buddies for a rousing rendition of “Plug it up!” The amount pelted suggests the hole in the Ozone.

The Turnaround: Realising Carrie’s cries in the shower are a cry for help, she asks her jock boyfriend Tommy Ross to take Carrie to the prom instead of her. Aww.

Helen Harris III (Bridesmaids)

Evilest Act: Drugging Annie mid-flight in an attempt to keep her quiet back in coach. Her tactic to eliminate the competition for Lilian’s affection backfires when Annie turns into a foul-mouthed, show-stopping diva in first class. The entire bridal party are thrown off the plane.

The Turnaround: As the wedding draws to a close, Helen apologises to Annie and extends to her the hand of genuine friendship. Which will no doubt include a night out at Rockin’ Sushi.

Cady Heron (Mean Girls)

Evilest Act: Attempting to bring down the school’s queen bee, she becomes more two-faced than Harvey Dent. After ruining Regina George’s life, she tops it off by shunning her true friends, Janis and Ian.

The Turnaround: During a Mathletes competition, a Eureka! moment strikes. Realising that insulting the looks of her opponent wont’t prevent the girl from beating her, she finally becomes in her words “an actual human being.”

Veronica Sawyer (Heathers)

Evilest Act: Murdering two beefcake jocks with her boyfriend JD and staging it to look like a repressed homosexual suicide pact. Oh the humanity.

The Turnaround: Realising that there’s a better solution to lubricating the social dysfunction of high school than homicide, she turns on JD. After a scuffle in the school basement leaving JD one finger short of a punch, Veronica stands back as he blows himself up.

Corky (Bound)

Evilest Act: Engaging in a touch of criminal activity then getting thrown in the slammer for five years.

The Turnaround: Upon hearing the high-pitched pleas of gangster’s moll, Violet, she puts her life at risk once again to protect the damsel in distress. Together with Violet she agrees to take down money launderer, Caesar.

Justice (Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back)

Evilest Act: Setting up Jay and Silent Bob as patsies for a diamond heist carried out by her team of PVC-clad criminals. Enlisting them to break into an animal laboratory, she takes advantage of Jay’s affection for her.

The Turnaround: As Jay and Silent Bob are on the cusp of being arrested by a bumbling Federal Wildlife Marshal, she fesses up to the whole ploy and her entire gang are thrown in jail in exchange for the boys’ freedom.

Mia (Evil Dead)

Evilest Act: Turning into a demonic host with a face for radio, who screeches lurid remarks from the confines of a basement. Responsible for the deaths of all of her friends.

The Turnaround: After a hasty burial-exorcism revives her, she fights the demon, getting severely crippled in the process. She then chainsaws it back to hell. Cheaper than a one way on the National Rail.

Lisa Rowe (Girl, Interrupted)

Evilest Act: Hiding out at Daisy’s house after an escape from hospital, she taunts the fragile girl through a vicious unrelenting tirade. Her rant about questionable culinary habits results in Daisy’s suicide.

The Turnaround: After stealing Susanna’s diary and reading from it aloud, she eventually gives up her tough girl act. As her facade crumbles, she sobs a confession proving she only wanted to be loved all along.

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