50 Movie Bad Girls Gone Good

Oda Mae Brown (Ghost)

Evilest Act: Taking the hard-earned money of the grieving by pretending to be a psychic, when she’s actually a highly amusing impressionist.

The Turnaround: When the ghost of murdered banker, Sam Wheat shows up at her place of work desperate for help, she hears him and gives in to his pleading. She even loans him her body so he can smooch with his girlfriend.

Christine (The Game)

Evilest Act: Drugging Nicholas Van Orton after he seeks her out for help against the scheming Consumer Recreation Services, then burying him without any belongings in Mexico.

The Turnaround: It was all just a game! She was never really evil! She takes such a shine to Van Orton that she whisks him away in a taxi with the promise of a coffee date.

Kate Libby (Hackers)

Evilest Act: Busts out a cruel prank on new boy Dade, by trapping him on the school roof. Yeah, one of those situations where there’s no handle on the outside of the door. Poor lad didn’t have a brolly either.

The Turnaround: She agrees to go on a date with Dade, landing a seemingly never-ending smacker on him for the duration of the end credits. Underwater, of course.

Margaret Tate (The Proposal)

Evilest Act: Threatening her long-suffering assistant with an ultimatum; marry her so she can secure a green card or lose his job. Not much of an option, really is it?

The Turnaround: After spending time with Andrew’s family, unable to continue thorough with her plan, she confesses everything while at the altar. Proving that beneath that steely exterior beats the heart of a softie.

Kat Stratford (10 Things I Hate About You)

Evilest Act: Cranking up the bitch within, Kat refuses to date. Not exactly evil persay, except....according to her father’s rules, this means her desperate-to-date sister Bianca cannot either.

The Turnaround: Being lured into an elaborate scheme wherein she dates iconoclast-with-a-past Patrick, she drinks a keg of Diamond White and moments before vomiting... compliments him on his eyes.

Betty Rizzo (Grease)

Evilest Act: Making new girl at school, Sandy Olsson feel like an outcast by getting her drunk and making her smoke. To top it all off she makes a right song and dance about it.

The Turnaround: Fooling around with Kenickie in the back of his car, a late period and even more singing soften her up like butter left out in a heatwave. Before you know it, she and Sandy share a kind word or two. Then sing about it.

Ouiser Boudreaux (Steel Magnolias)

Evilest Act: In her typical curmudgeon style; breaking a trunk load of painted eggs for the children’s easter egg hunt while trying to outwit her neighbour, Drum.

The Turnaround: During M’Lynn’s breakdown at her daughter Shelby’s funeral, Ouiser breaks the tension by getting faux-riled up, in a catfight instigated by her best buddy, Clairee.

Evelyn Salt (Salt)

Evilest Act: Offing a boatload of Russians in about five minutes through various implements of justice. Well, they did shoot her husband.

The Turnaround: Uncovering the real double agent, Ted Winter, and publicly throttling him despite the fact it made her look guiltier than a bull exiting the remnants of a china shop.

Natasha Romanoff (Iron Man 2)

Evilest Act: In The Avengers comics she attempts to extrapolate information from Tony Stark, then later along with her partner Boris Turgenov wages war on Iron Man which ends in Turgenov’s demise.

The Turnaround: Trading her alliances in the leap from comic to screen, she poses as Tony Stark’s voluptuous assistant. It is later revealed that she is in fact an undercover agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Letty Ortiz (Fast & Furious 6)

Evilest Act: Back from the dead, working for former Special Forces baddie Owen Shaw, she shoots ex-boyfriend Dom Toretto while he attempts to engage her in a spot of small talk.

The Turnaround: During a high speed pursuit along a Spanish highway, the tank in which she is riding with Shaw is flipped over sending Letty flying to her certain death. At the last second she is heroically rescued by Dom, and chooses to join the good guys. It’d have been rude not to.

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