50 Most Outrageous Teen Comedies

Jocks (1987)

The Teen Comedy: A group of tennis players head to Las Vegas for a competition, but their minds are less focussed on balls than, well, boobs.

The Kid (Scott Strader) and the rest of the team hit Vegas hard while their coach attempts to keep them on the straight and narrow.

Most Outrageous Moment: The fact that Christopher Lee appears in this teen trash?

Does It Feature Nudity? You better believe it.

EuroTrip (2004)

The Teen Comedy: When he's dumped by his girlfriend after graduation, Scotty (Scott Mechlowicz) embarks on a trip to Europe to track down his German penpal, Mieke (Jessica Boehrs), who says she'll make him feel better...

Most Outrageous Moment: Scotty finally gets to Mieke's flat, only to find she's not there. While talking to her dad, her little brother enacts the 'heil Hitler' behind him in an enthusiastically Nazi fashion...

Does It Feature Nudity? Dear God, yes. So much nudity. What do you expect from a film set in Europe?

Easy A (2010)

The Teen Comedy: A Hollywood update of The Scarlet Letter , with Emma Stone's flame-haired teen labelled a tramp when high school gossip runs rampant.

Most Outrageous Moment:
There's that bit where Olive (Stone) pretends to have sex with Brandon (Dan Byrd) at a house party in order to cover up the fact that he's gay.

And if you want REALLY outrageous, there's also a subplot in which Lisa Kudrow's teacher gives the student she's diddling chlamydia...

Does It Feature Nudity? The most we get is Gossip Girl 's Penn Badgley painted blue as the school mascot. But hey, blue can be sexy. Right?

Where The Boys Are '84 (1984)

The Teen Comedy: A remake of the same-named 1960s flick, in which four young ladies travel to Fort Lauderdale ("a supermarket of sex!") for a holiday, and get into all sorts of scrapes.

Most Outrageous Moment:
Sandra (Wendy Schaal) gets wasted in a nightclub and decides to perform an impromptu strip routine for the patrons…

Does It Feature Nudity?
Yep - just check out the Hot Bod Contest…

Revenge Of The Nerds (1984)

The Teen Comedy: Computer geeks Lewis Skolnick (Robert Carradine) and Gilbert Lowe (Anthony Edwards) decide to fight back against the Alpha Betas when the jock fraternity seize their frat house for themselves.

Most Outrageous Moment:
The belching contest, surely. Pure bad taste.

Does It Feature Nudity? Just the odd bit of full frontal…

Cruel Intentions (1999)

The Teen Comedy: A retelling of 18th century novel Les Liaisons dangereuses , which relocates the action to New York, where step-siblings Kathryn (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and Sebastian (Ryan Phillippe) break hearts, minds and bodies.

Most Outrageous Moment:
"You can put it anywhere." Kathryn manages to convince Sebastian to do her bidding in just a single line.

Does It Feature Nudity? Phillippe gets his bum out during a pool scene, but other than that, the film's skinny dipping segment keeps all the flesh below water.

Risky Business (1983)

The Teen Comedy: While his parents are away on a trip, high-schooler Joel Goodson (Tom Cruise) cuts loose in epic fashion, not only having parties at the house, but also calling up gorgeous hooker Lana (Rebecca De Mornay), who gives him a crash course in all things sexy.

Most Outrageous Moment: Joel and Lana have sex on the L train, pushing their relationship from 'private' to very, very public.

Does It Feature Nudity?
Yep. Not only does De Mornay flash a little flesh, so does Francine Locke during Joel's steamy shower dream.

Van Wilder (2002)

The Teen Comedy: Van Wilder (Ryan Reynolds) is the eternal student. He's been at college for seven years, but he never studies - instead, he throws (yes) the wildest parties on campus...

Most Outrageous Moment
: Wilder's rivalry with the DIK fraternity spirals out of control when he leaves them pastries filled with dog jizz. The close-ups of the guys chowing down is enough to turn even the steeliest stomach.

Does It Feature Nudity?
You betcha - Reynolds isn't above getting his kit off for a bit of life-model posing.

The Virginity Hit (2010)

The Teen Comedy: Produced by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, and following four teenage guys in New Orleans.

Matt (Matt Bennett) records his attempts to lose his virginity - yep, this wants to be a modern-day Porky's.

Most Outrageous Moment: A woman called Becca says she'll pop Matt's cherry for him, but he needs to get ready for the big moment by practising on a blow-up doll…

Does It Feature Nudity? More than you can possibly know.

Hollywood Hot Tubs (1984)

The Teen Comedy: A teenager starts working for his uncle's hot tub company as punishment for vandalising the Hollywood sign (kids these days), and promptly falls for the company's comely secretary.

If only he could keep it in his pants...

Most Outrageous Moment: Granny orgy. We'll say no more.

Does It Feature Nudity? Yep - Edy Williams wears a special boob-baring black bra.

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