50 Most Outrageous Teen Comedies

Road Trip (2000)

The Teen Comedy: Kooky college tour guide Barry (Tom Green) narrates the story of Josh (Breckin Meyer), who cheats on his girlfriend. Worse still, his friends accidentally mail the tape of heir liaison to Barry's girlfriend - which leads to the titular trip.

Most Outrageous Moment: Barry attempts to teach a snake how to eat a mouse by dangling the creature into his own mouth. And Kyle (DJ Qualls) has a racy encounter with a rather voluptuous woman...

Does It Feature Nudity? Here be boobies…

H.O.T.S. (1979)

The Teen Comedy: Set in the H.O.T.S. sorority house, this OTT college exploitation flick is a teenage boy's wet dream come to life.

We follow the sorority sisters as they get up to unfeasibly kinky activities - including wet T-shirt contests and sky-diving. Yes, sky-diving is kinky when it involves these busty babes.

Most Outrageous Moment:
Pretty much everything in the film is as offensive as a poo sandwich, but one of the most bizarre additions is the fact that the sorority house has a robotic house-keeper.

Does It Feature Nudity? Yep - our heroines play strip football, which is exactly like it sounds.

School Spirit (1985)

The Teen Comedy: Billy Batson is in such a hurry to get laid that he ends up in a road accident that gets him killed.

Apparently horniness transcends the grave, though, and it's not long before he's back in ghost form to bother nubile young things.

Most Outrageous Moment: In a scene that's a precursor to Hollow Man 's rape-y attack scene, Billy visits 'Sleeping Beauty' (Marlene Janssen) and undresses her while she's unconscious…

Does It Feature Nudity? You betcha - pretty much the first place Billy goes as a ghost is the girl's locker room.

Meatballs III: Summer Job (1986)

The Teen Comedy : If you thought the Meatballs movies couldn't get anymore ridiculous than parts one and two, just wait til you hear the plot of numero tres - it's about a dead porn star whose ghost attempts to help save a nerd's sex life…

Most Outrageous Moment: Any of the ridiculous heaven-set scenes.

Does It Feature Nudity? Uh, it's about a porn star, of course there's nudity.

Superbad (2007)

The Teen Comedy: As graduation approaches, best friends Seth Rogen (Jonah Hill) and Evan Goldberg (Michael Cera) bemoan their geeky existence until social salvation arrives when hottie Jules (Emma Stone) invites them to her party.

Most Outrageous Moment:
One word: period. OK, we need to quantify that. In one of the film's ickier moments, Seth is getting down on the dancefloor with a bodacious babe - only to discover that she's just used his leg as a tampon...

Does It Feature Nudity?
Blink and you'll miss it. Though Cera has a mortifying sex scene in the film, the only actual nudity involved is a clip the guys watch of Vagtastic Voyage Girl #2.

Zapped! (1982)

The Teen Comedy: Science geek Barney (Scott Baio) discovers he has an amazing telekinetic gift - after an accident in the lab, he can move things with his mind. Being a teenager, that means he likes getting young ladies naked.

Most Outrageous Moment: Barney zaps Heather Thomas' prom dress, causing it to fall down…

Does It Feature Nudity?
The most notable bit of nudity is that prom dress mishap - the boobs don't actually belong to Thomas, but a body double.

American Pie (1999)

The Teen Comedy: Jim (Jason Biggs) and his buddies decide they have to lose their virginity before they graduate high school. Which is easier said than done considering Jim and his buddies are total amateurs when it comes to the fairer sex.

Most Outrageous Moment: Well, it's got to be the bit with the pie. Right?

Does It Feature Nudity? Too right it does. The film's main set-piece is an encounter between Jim and sexy exchange student Nadia (Shannon Elizabeth), which mostly involves Nadia being topless and writhing around in a tiny little G-string.

Project X (2012)

The Teen Comedy: A trio of teens attempt to gain a little street cred by throwing a party - but as word spreads about the fest, things start to get a little crazy.

Most Outrageous Moment:
The entire street ends up on fire - yep, this party zone just turned into a war zone.

Does It Feature Nudity? Sure does; Alexis Knapp strips off for a bedroom rendezvous.

Heathers (1988)

The Teen Comedy: Just about as deliciously dark and twisted as they come. Veronica (Winona Ryder) falls for dangerous new kid JD (Christian Slater) and together they plot ways to humiliate and even kill their fellow high schoolers.

Most Outrageous Moment:
Take your pick, really. As Veronica and JD go on an ever-more-bloody rampage, the dead teens left in their wake quickly mount up.

Surely the most outrageous moment, though, is when JD tricks Heather Chandler into drinking drain cleaner. Think blue.

Does It Feature Nudity? Two football jocks strip down to their socks and pants in the woods, but that's about as risqué as it gets.

Porky's (1982)

The Teen Comedy: Students at Florida's Angel Beach High School plan on getting rid of their virginity, but it's not going to be as easy as that sounds - especially when they earn the ire of the titular club.

Most Outrageous Moment
: Porky's wears its outrageousness as a badge of honour - even its poster features a spy-hole in a girl's shower.

Which leads us to one of the film's ickiest scenes, when Tommy (Wyatt Knight) sticks his tongue through the peep hole…

Does It Feature Nudity?
You're kidding, right? There's practically a boob in every scene…

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