50 Actors Who Distanced Themselves From Their Movies

Hugh Jackman

The Movie: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

The Distance: Ever the diplomat, Jackman wasn't exactly scathing when he told Entertainment Weekly that he wasn't quite happy with his X-Man's first solo outing.

"I had something to prove, and we could have done better," Jackman said. "Somehow the first Wolverine movie ended up looking like the fourth X-Men - just with different characters. I left unsure if we'd achieved our goal, which was to make sure people understood my character."

The Fall-Out:
Despite his comments, Jackman remains very much part of the X-Men family. Let's hope he's happier with the latest effort, eh?

Danny Dyer

The Movie: Too many to list.

The Distance: A wide boy with a big mouth, it was no surprise to anyone to hear Danny Dyer admit that a "quarter of his films are shit".

He told Digital Spy: "I've had a good run. I've made over 40 films. I'd say a quarter of them are s**t, another quarter are all right and I'd say half of them have got something to say."

The Fall-Out: Nobody seems to care, but we've got to admire the man's honesty.

Danny Boyle

The Movie: The Beach

The Distance: Alright so he's not an actor, but it's even more interesting to see a director reflect honestly on his own work.

Boyle criticised The Beach in an interview with Moviefone, telling them: "What I discovered by making it is that I wasn't a backpacker, and that's not healthy. The films I make I feel evangelical about… and I'm sure some backpackers feel like that. I wasn't one of them, so I was always making it at slight distance, I was never integrated into it fully.

"Then the whole commerce of it… It hasn't got that heat in it. When I left Thailand and I left the backpackers, I didn't ever really want to go back to them."

The Fall-Out:
A rare bum note on Boyle's outstanding CV.

Michael Caine

The Movie: Jaws: The Revenge

The Distance: He might be a national treasure, but Sir Michael Caine is perfectly happy to admit that he's got a few flops on his resume - including critical and commercial failure Jaws: The Revenge.

He's famously quoted as saying: "I have never seen the film, but by all accounts it was terrible. However, I have seen the house that it built, and it is terrific."

The Fall-Out:
Caine can do no wrong. That is all.

Jeremy Irons

The Movie: Dungeons & Dragons

The Distance: Irons was entirely unashamed and open when he was asked why he accepted a role in the god-awful 2000 fantasy adventure, telling an interviewer: "Are you kidding? I'd just bought a castle, I had to pay for it somehow!"

The Fall-Out:
Honestly, most people were simply pleased to have the mystery explained.

Will Smith

The Movie: Wild Wild West

The Distance: Smith's defence of 2008 superhero movie took an interesting turn when he used another of his own films in unfavourable comparison.

"Hopefully, other than Wild Wild West, it's not the worst movie you've ever seen," he said. "I made a mistake on Wild Wild West. That could have been better."

The Fall-Out: Nothing official - but we're still waiting for an apology for that song.

Nicole Kidman

The Movie: Australia

The Distance: Famous for her reluctance to watch her own performances, Kidman was extraordinarily honest following the opening of Baz Luhrmann's Aussie love-fest.

In an interview with a Sydney radio station, she said: "I can’t look at this movie and be proud of what I’ve done… It's just impossible for me to connect to it emotionally."

The Fall-Out: To be fair, Kidman's comments were more about her own performance than the film as a whole, but distancing herself from the flop probably wasn't a bad idea.

Sandra Bullock

The Movie: All About Steve

The Distance: In the same year that she picked up an Oscar for The Blind Side , Bullock collected two Razzies for freaky rom-com All About Steve .

In her acceptance speech, the actress laughed: "If you had seen the film with your eyes, it's pretty much a film about a woman stalking a man… That doesn't really set up the premise for a loving couple.'

The Fall-Out:
None whatsoever. 2010 was truly the year the world fell in love with Sandra Bullock.

James Franco

The Movie: Your Highness

The Distance: Though he's not an actor who's afraid to embrace his silly side, Franco's also not afraid to tell the truth. In an interview with GQ earlier this year, the actor admitted that he's not proud of one film on his CV.

"Your Highness? That movie sucks," he said. "You can't get around that."

The Fall-Out: Though there's been no public statement director David Gordon Green, who referred to the film as his "baby" probably wasn't best pleased.

James Franco (Again)

The Movie: Annapolis

The Distance:
In March, Franco once again told the world what he really thought of "really bad" 2006 drama Annapolis .

"I ended up not liking the experience and not liking the movie," he told BadassDigest.

The Fall-Out: Director Justin Lin certainly didn't appreciate Franco's candour, telling the Huffington Post: "I wish James could keep it to himself because I don't know the point.

"We make movies and we all try our best and sometimes we connect with the audience, sometimes we don't. And I can tell you for a fact: A lot of people worked very, very hard to make him look good."