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5 Cool Things You Missed in GTA IV

While we appreciate the extreme depth and breadth of GTA IV, we really don't expect you to scour the game for every last detail. And while we are particularly impressed with GTA IV's ability to reflect and report on changes happening within its own world, we also don't expect you to follow the game's every last news blurb. Come on, that would just be boring.

Some items are too good to miss, though, like the aforementioned serial killer saga or any mention of Niko's recently completed crimes ("an unidentified foreign man"). Our favorite? This self-referential gem, tucked far into the story and camouflaged between much flashier headlines...

Sasquatches? Secret cities? Invincible criminals? Cheeky Rockstar. The company may have started a fresh chapter with GTA IV, but the developers clearly couldn't resist throwing in a couple of references to the rumors, secrets and cheat codes of the past.


1) Complete Derrick McReary's mission, "Tunnel of Death."
2) Sign online and go to the Liberty Tree news website.
3) Click "Urban Myths" in the right column.
4) For more inside jokes, grab a vehicle and wait for a Weazel News radio interruption around this same time.

Okay, okay, okay. With a combination of the word "stripper" and the word "threesome," how could anyone not already know about this supposed secret?

We honestly don't know, but after asking around the GamesRadar offices, we realized that a majority of players had never experienced the filthy and ridiculously over-the-top magic of two pretend women pretending to have pretend sex with each other. Tragic!

Then again, if you'd sat through enough virtual dances to trigger this controller-rumbling orgy, would you admit it?


1) Head to a strip club and agree to a private dance.
2) Ask for a second dance when prompted.
3) Confirm your girlfriend and/or mother are not present.
3) Ask for a third dance when prompted.
4) Recollect your dignity andforget this shameful episode ever transpired.

Aug 15, 2008

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