4th of July TV sales 2023: the best deals live now

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4th of July TV sales offer up some serious discounts year after year and 2023 is looking no different. Whether you're looking to spend big on a premium QLED or OLED, or you're just after a budget panel to see you through everyday viewing, there are some compelling offers hitting the shelves right now . 

Some retailers launched early discounts on niche product lines, so we're watching out for any further price cuts on the latest and greatest display panels. Now that those official offers are rolling onto the shelves, we're rounding up everything you need to know for this year's sale. 

We watch for cheap TV deals year-round, so we know what a good sale looks like. More importantly, though, we know exactly where and when to find that gold - and we're sharing it all with you right here. With 4th of July TV sales now underway, you will find all the most valuable discounts below.

The best TV deals available now

This year's best 4th of July TV deals

Amazon Fire TV | 43-inch | $399.99 $99.99 at AmazonSave $300

Amazon Fire TV | 43-inch | $399.99 $99.99 at Amazon
Save $300 - One of the cheapest ways to get a 4K TV is via this Amazon Fire TV. You need a Prime membership to take advantage but in return, you get a 43-inch TV for under $100, thanks to a huge 75% discount. 

Toshiba Class V35 | 43-inch | $199.99 $139.99 at AmazonSave $60

Toshiba Class V35 | 43-inch | $199.99 $139.99 at Amazon
Save $60 - A nice 30% discount makes this Toshiba a good cheap option for those on a budget. It's now at its lowest price ever and a limited offer from Amazon.

Insignia Class F30 | 50-inch | $349.99 $149.99 at AmazonSave $200

Insignia Class F30 | 50-inch | $349.99 $149.99 at Amazon
Save $200 - A major 50% discount makes this Insignia Fire 4K UHD TV a great budget option. This is the cheapest price we've seen it at now under $200. 

Onn 43-inch 4K UHD Smart TV | $243.26$198.00 at WalmartSave $45 -

Onn 43-inch 4K UHD Smart TV | $243.26 $198.00 at Walmart
Save $45 - A 4K TV for under $200? This Onn 4k UHD (2160P) LED Roku Smart TV is available at Walmart now. A new 18% discount has made this the hot product at the retailer.

LG Class 4K UHD TV | 43-inch | $338.00 $286.99 at Walmart
Save $51 -

LG Class 4K UHD TV | 43-inch | $338.00 $286.99 at Walmart
Save $51 - Take advantage of this brilliant LG TV deal that reduces one of its 2022 models to below $300. This represents a 15% saving with all the bells and whistles you need to enjoy 4K. 

LG NANO75 | 50-inch | $599.99 $399.99 at AmazonSave $200

LG NANO75 | 50-inch | $599.99 $399.99 at Amazon
Save $200 - Only $50 away from its lowest-ever price, this LG TV with nanotechnology is well worth considering. It also has 60Hz refresh rate, a 4K  processor and game optimiser and dashboard feature. 

Samsung CU7000 | 65-inch | $529.99 $499.99 at Best BuySave $30

Samsung CU7000 | 65-inch | $529.99 $499.99 at Best Buy
Save $30 - Now under $500, this Samsung 65-inch UHD 4K Smart TV with crystal processing is a great deal. It's part of Best Buy's July 4th sale with next-day delivery available.

LG Class A2 | 48-inch | $1,299.99 $599.99 at Best BuySave $700

LG Class A2 | 48-inch | $1,299.99 $599.99 at Best Buy
Save $700 - A price cut of more than 50% makes this LG model one of our top picks. This has an OLED panel with 4K UHD capabilities. That's a big $700 discount! 

When will 4th of July TV sales officially begin?

As always with specific holidays, we'd like to say that technically, the 4th of July TV deals would start on that specific date - but we've all seen this movie before. Every time, every holiday sale, retailers launch their deals early, and before the date itself. That means there's longer to make your decisions and choices, but also a bit more time for other folks to eye up the stock you're looking at too...

Should you wait for 4th of July TV sales and deals?

A perennially good question around sales time - basically, if you find a TV deal you've been eyeing up or a model you've been keeping tabs on at a great price before Monday's actual July 4th date, then is it wise to pull the trigger? Generally, if the price is good or great, then our quick-fire advice is yes, absolutely yes, jump on it. Even though there could be more deals and products added to lines on Monday itself, we typically see most discounts come and go the weekend before major sales holidays such as the 4th of July. And if you don't pull the trigger, you always run the risk of stock disappearing, or the offer just running out.

What to expect from 4th of July TV deals in 2023

We're looking forward to some particularly strong offers on display technologies that would have been prohibitively expensive just a few years ago in 2023's 4th of July TV sales. We're talking about OLED panels, Samsung's Neo QLED line, and high refresh rate gaming TVs alike. 

We've been seeing the tech powering these impressive displays getting cheaper and cheaper every year - and if 2022's Black Friday TV deals were anything to go by we're in for a real treat in the next few months. That will hopefully kick off with some stunning savings across the price range in this year's 4th of July TV sales. 

We're looking to Vizio and LG displays in particular for some OLED goodness. The former drops some of the more impressive tech of the latter, but still manages to pack excellent OLED panels into far smaller price tags than we're used to. You'll likely be paying three figures for a top of the range product here. The LG A2 is also going to be another budget buy - relatively speaking. The cheapest OLED TV from LG, the A2 regularly enjoys some hefty savings during these kinds of events - and could be nabbed for around $799 if the winds are in the right direction. 

The budget end of the spectrum should also offer up some fruitful discounts. As ever, Hisense, Fire, and Toshiba are going to dominate this area. However, we'd also recommend keeping an eye on Vizio's cheaper 4K displays and Samsung's The Frame if you're after a more mid-range option as well. 

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