40 FREE and addictive games

Blurst.com is an often overlooked destination for excellent browser-based games. You may remember some of their previous titles, like Off-Road Velociraptor Safari. But they continue to post new games on a regular basis. Follow the links below, take a moment to download their Unity player, and enjoy some of the most gorgeous and hilarious free games on the web. Blurst’s games have achievements and online leaderboards if you choose to create an account, which is also free. But you can play any of their games as a guest if you just want to quickly jump in and sample their titles.

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Pilot your jellyfish through the sea, sting enemy creatures, and collect their eggs to grow. Blush’s serene visuals and mellow soundtrack make leveling up your jellyfish a mesmerizing experience.

Above: A trailer for Flashbang Studio’s Blush

Minotaur China Shop
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You are a Minotaur who finds himself running a fine china shop to pay off the debt from the first time you bumbled into a china shop. Be careful not to knock anything over when delivering goods to your customers. Or, try smashing as much of your merchandise as possible to trigger your Rage Mode, which lets you cash in on your sweet Rage Insurance policy.

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Lob colorful eyeballs into the air and bounce them off the walls in your never ending quest to form matches of three. Watching your Splumes bleed bright colors and hearing them squish and pop is strangely satisfying. Later levels have you interact with moving backgrounds to keep you busy and look great. You can create an account on Blurst.com to have your high scores featured on the site’s leaderboards, or you can just sign in as a guest to enjoy a few quick rounds.

Above: Unlike other gem busters, Splume’s colorful pieces aren’t locked in place. There’s a nice jiggly reaction whenever you fire a new piece or when the level moves


Got an iPhone or iPod touch? We can’t recommend iSplume enough. Like the original web version, iSplume puts a satisfyingly squishy twist on the traditional gem popper gameplay. In the iPhone version, you can also rotate your device for a gravity effect, causing the Splumes onscreen to droop or rise. It’s simple, colorful, and best of all, it’s free.

Paper Moon
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This sweet platformer sends you skipping and hopping through a dreamy world. The game’s 2D characters and backgrounds look like paper cutouts. You’ll often need to push the space bar to push and pull objects into the foreground and background to proceed through certain areas. If Tim Burton designed Super Paper Mario, we think it’d look something like this.

Makibishi Comic
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Search through five bizarre worlds to find the missing ninja in this mad manga-styled adventure game. Each world features a series of point-and-click puzzles, but it’s the amazing attention to detail that’ll keep your eyes glued to the screen.

Above: A gigantic naked baby with a gas mask farts. Welcome to the world of Makibishi Comic

Above: You’ll love the insane areas, which are as detailed as they are bizarre

I Love Traffic
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Another simple, yet incredibly addictive Flash game. Click on the traffic lights to prevent accidents and keep the cars moving.