30 Days Of Night clips online

Having dampened our palms with the nerve-shredding Hard Candy, helmer David Slade certainly doesn’t seem to want to pitch his tent in any specific genre.

In fact, his next flick, 30 Days Of Night, couldn’t be more different in terms of set up. From two people in a house, to a town under siege by a pack of claret-slurping vampires.

The tale is based in an Alaskan town, where for one month a year, the sun goes into hiding, making the place a blood-sucker's playground. Josh Hartnett and Melissa George play the husband and wife cops who desperately try to save the town and their own necks.

The production company, Ghost House Pictures, have very kindly slapped up 12 behind the scenes videos for you to sink your fangs into.

Just click here to go to the dark side.

Source: ( Ghost House )

The flick is based on the comic book by Steve Niles and was co-written for the screen by Hard Candy scribbler Brian Nelson. This might just be a surprise package for next year, folks…