The 25 greatest Autobots

16. Evac

The Autobot: A young Autobot who so far has only appeared in Transformers: The Ride. Evac is a blue emergency vehicle who is tasked with transporting the All Spark. Even though he's only part of the ride, Evac's still cool - particularly because he lets any human who buys a ticket ride in him.

Greatest Moment: Going up against Megatron and surviving, even when Megatron fires missiles at him. Get this guy a gig in the next Transformers movie, stat.

15. Prowl

The Autobot: A military strategist and one of Optimus Prime's most devoted combatants, Prowl appears in the comics and the cartoons, but not Michael Bay's movies. He transforms into a police car, which is as big a hint as any that he likes order, which is why he often butts heads with the other Autobots.

Greatest Moment: Any time he uses his acid pellets on Decepticons. That stuff burns...

14. Skyblast

The Autobot: A comic mainstay, Skyblast is so cool that he doesn't need friends. He's the maverick of the Autobots. Blessed with the ability to fly, he's something of a thrill-seeking show off (we imagine he has 'Danger Zone' playing on repeat on his iPod).

Greatest Moment: Fighting with Divebomb during a daredevil mid-air skirmish that nearly cost him his parts. Few other Autobots live life on the edge quite as much as Skyblast...

13. Smokescreen

The Autobot: Somewhat resembling Jazz, Smokescreen appears in the IDW Transformers comics (from 2007) and is part of a small unit headed up by Arcee sent to track down Decepticons who are based on Mars.

Greatest Moment: True to his name, Smokescreen is called on to help scramble Decepticon sensors using his array of electrical weapons. In the comics, he takes down Swindle, Dreadwing and Payload. Not bad.

12. Wheeljack

The Autobot: Also known as Que, Wheeljack sort of looks like a robot version of Albert Einstein, which is probably because he's a super-smart scientist responsible for inventing some of the Autobots' coolest weapons. He takes the form of a blue Mercedes-Benz E550.

Greatest Moment: Any scene in which he's doing something science-y. Obviously. Also, cool bit of trivia, he was renamed Que for his movie appearance as a nod to Q in the Bond films.

11. Crosshairs

The Autobot: An Aussie Autobot who transforms into a green 2014 C7 Corvette Stingray, Crosshairs is a paratrooper who appears in Transformers: Age Of Extinction. He comes with sidearm machine guns and a pair of natty goggles.

Greatest Moment: Riding Dinobot Scorn. Because riding a Dinobot is obviously ridiculously awesome.

10. Hound

The Autobot: Taking the form of a dark green Oshkosh Defence Medium Tactical Vehicle in Transformers: Age Of Extinction, Hound is an Autobot commander (voiced with typical command by none other than John Goodman). He has a cigar that also functions as a gun...

Greatest Moment: We won't give anything away, but suffice to say Hound gets in on the action at the film's close, fighting alongside Bumblebee...

9. Arcee

The Autobot: Who says all Autobots are guys? Arcee actually consists of three female 'bots who are united by a single consciousness (you can tell they're female cos they're pink...) They often fight in tandem and take the form of motorcycles.

Greatest Moment: In comic sequel The Reign Of Starscream, Arcee takes down Flatline. If you've ever seen Flatline, you'll know what a big deal that is.

8. Ratchet

The Autobot: Every team needs a medical officer, and the Transformers are no different. Ratchet provides that service, mostly because he transforms into a search and rescue Hummer H2, meaning he's fit for purpose. That's in the Michael Bay movies, which is a change from the character's original design as an ambulance.

Greatest Moment: In the first Transformers, Ratchet gets in on the city-based action, dodging missiles and transforming in SLOW-MO (naturally) as he goes up against rampaging Decepticons.

7. Jazz

The Autobot: Second in command behind Optimus Prime and a lover of all things urban, Jazz is a zippy sports car with style to spare. Doubt it? He was voiced by Scatman Crothers in the animated Transformers movie.

Greatest Moment: Jazz fearlessly goes up against Megatron in Transformers. Considering how huge Megatron is, though, it's not exactly a fair fight, and Jazz is taken to task. Sob.