The 25 greatest Autobots

Robots in disguise

Robots get a bad rep. Many films choose to present them as cold, calculating murder machines - mankind's not-too-distant-future overlords. However, some automatons are damn decent chaps. Think Robbie the Robot (Forbidden Planet), Haley Joel Osment in AI, and Ash in Alien. Hmm, actually, scratch that last one. Hasbro's Transformers line, translated to the silver screen by none other than professional pyromaniac Michael Bay, is chock full of these pleasant automatons.

They are the Autobots, and together they help planet earth to fend off their smelly neighbours the Decepticons. They also perform a bunch of wacky skits and cause billions of dollars worth of property damage. Alas, no one's perfect. Today's filmic list looks at the very best of these charming clankers, from the skyscraper sized, to the mini and mischevious. Autobots, roll out!

25. Jolt

The Autobot: Coming equipped with a natty pair of electro whips, Jolt is a blue Chevrolet Volt and an autobot technician. His sole movie appearance is in Revenge Of The Fallen. During the comic sequel, released prior to Dark Of The Moon, Shockwave takes him out.

Greatest Moment: Jolt fights during the climactic battle in Revenge Of The Fallen and plays a pivotal role, using his electro whips to transport Jetfire's spark into Optimus Prime.

24. Grindcore

The Autobot: A lover of heavy metal (which means we love him), Grindcore may have a name that's unfortunately similar to a dating app, but he's the rock star construction worker of the Autobots. In the Titan comics, he's sent to Earth to help clean up after the All Spark created wanton destruction.

Greatest Moment: Grindcore doesn't see that much action (or, at least, he doesn't really fight), so his greatest moments generally involve him cranking up the tunes and getting his groove on.

23. Jetfire

The Autobot: Somewhat resembling a wizened old man, Jetfire tires of the Decepticon ways and decides to side with the Autobots instead. He's been on Earth since the humans turned up and is 50 feet tall, leaning on a cane when in transformer mode. Yes, that's how old he is.

Greatest Moment: In Revenge Of The Fallen, he proves his loyalty to the Autobots by sacrificing his spark so that Optimus Prime can take down the Fallen. In your face, Megatron.

22. Brains

The Autobot: A one-time Decepticon who sort of looks like a robo-punk, Brains defected and became an autobot in Dark Of The Moon. He's a drone and pet to Sam (Shia LaBeouf) who sort of acts like a robotic dog, particularly when it comes to his feelings for Carly.

Greatest Moment: Brains and Wheelie save Bumblebee during the battle of Chicago when they hijack a Decepticon fighter and use it to sabotage a Decepticon battle-cruiser. Whoever said size matters?

21. Longarm

The Autobot: One of the nicest Autobots, Longarm only lives to help other people (or Autobots). As a toy, one of his shoulder-panels reads 'Fast, Friendly, Fleet', which pretty much sums Longarm up. In the Titan comics, he joins the other Autobots in the fight to reclaim Earth from the Decepticons.

Greatest Moment: Even getting destroyed by the drone hordes can't stop Longarm. After a little rewiring, he's back fighting alongside the other Autobots. You can't keep a good 'bot down...

20. Wheelie

The Autobot: A former Decepticon who switches sides, Wheelie is so-called because, well, just look at him. He transforms into a blue toy truck and lives by the motto Only the fierce shall live. Even as an autobot, there's something dark and weird about Wheelie, who has a decidedly sick sense of humour.

Greatest Moment: In T3, Wheelie teams up with Brains for the battle in Chicago, commandeering a downed Decepticon fighter. Sabotage was never so cool.

19. Inferno

The Autobot: Sure, every team needs a weapons specialist, but the Transformers are an intelligent folk, which is why they also have a qualified psychologist on speed-dial, too. That psychologist is Inferno, who uses his own special programming to analyse an autobot's emotional output, then recalibrates that output to make his patients feel better. Clever.

Greatest Moment: In the animated movie, Inferno proves he works only for the greater good when he willingly destroys a ruined building in order to take down the Decepticons, despite the fact that it'll take him down, too...

18. The Wreckers

The Autobot: A trio of Wreckers formed of Roadbuster, Leadfoot and Topspin, the Wreckers all turn into NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Chevrolet Impalas and work as mechanics.

Greatest Moment: The trio come to the aid of Optimus Prime during the battle in Chicago, creating a distraction so that Shockwave and the other Autobots can escape. They're also pivotal during Optimus Prime's fight against Sentinel Prime...

17. Drift

The Autobot: Inspired by a samurai (meaning he's skilled in battle), Drift is able to change into three different types of vehicle, including a 2013 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse and a helicopter. He's also voiced by Ken Watanabe.

Greatest Moment: Any autobot's shining moment is surely riding a Dinobot. In Transformers: Age Of Extinction, Drift joins forces with the purple Triceratops Dinobot Slug.