2007's worst kept gaming secrets

Gears Of War gets ported to the PC

While similarly vast in time-scale, the shift of the PC version of Gears Of War from rumour to reality was mercifully a little more clean cut. In November 2006, a Windows Vistapromo image appeared in PC Gamer magazine containing Games For Windows box art for Halo 2, Flight Simulator X and GOW. A slip up of banana shoes on ice proportions, whichever way you look at it. Regardless of whether early artwork for an unannounced Gears port had been used by mistake or a naïve designer had used the game as a random mock-up, fanboys went wild.

The fire was fuelled this February when talk from Epic’s Mark Rein stated that a conversion was “inevitable” at some point, but may be years off, given the technology required to run the game.

On the 6th of July though, some video footage reported to be of a PC version appeared online. The story was that the video was Microsoft’s official trailer for the game, planned to debut a few days later at E3. The video was unsurprisingly pulled very quickly and those responsible for its leak no doubt beaten with spikey sticks for several days, Nevertheless Gears Of War for the PC was announced at the show and was released this November.