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$200 Crysis 2 Nano Edition is very un-nano

For a brief period, a "Crysis 2Nano Edition" appeared on Swedish online store, where it was listed for the equivalent of almost$200. German website PlayFront.Desnagged some details, and here they are, very poorly translated:

"The so-called Nano Edition contains a 46 cm x 34 cm Nano-suit bag, a 20 cm wide Prophet statue, a 176-page art book, immediate access to higher ranks and unlockable items, an exclusive Dogtag #2, a SCAR hologram, a Waffenskin SCAR - camouflage, and additional content. The game itself is packaged in a Steelbook with a 'unique' painting. The price was given as the equivalent of %26euro;158."

Most of that's pretty clear (we're assuming that the "Waffenskin SCAR - camouflage" isa unique in-game weapon), and it's a lot of stuff... but is it $200 worth of stuff?We'll update you when we get actual confirmation of the special edition's price and contents.

In other news, it was impossible to write this headline without making reference to the word "nano."


Jul 13, 2010

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer