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20 cool things we saw in that Star Wars Battlefront 2 gameplay demo at E3 2017

Electronic Arts closed out it's EA Play event (aka EA's own private E3 2017 party) with 30 minutes of Star Wars Battlefront 2 gameplay and... I mean, holy bantha poodoo. There's so much we saw that we had to break it all down into a massive bullet list, and even so we probably didn't hit all the details.

Before we dive in, you can read our impressions of the single-player campaign with its giddying scale and focus on big set-pieces.

Still, please enjoy our observations as we sit back and catch our collective breaths. And check out the latest trailer too...

  • The single-player still looks amazing
  • Sentinels (a relatively new piece of lore) will show up to relay the Emperor's wishes, post-mortem
  • Battlefront community members were invited to test the game out and give feedback ahead of time
  • Splitscreen co-op!
  • Classes will impact not only your weapons and gear, but health as well
  • Classes can be customized, so you're not locked into one loadout
  • You can play as a battle droid! Roger roger.
  • John Boyega dropped in with a special announcement: Finn and Captain Phasma will be playable
  • That weird planet with red dust from the The Last Jedi trailer is also in
  • The game will feature "seasons" of content which will be free
  • All post-launch heroes, maps, and modes: free
  • Seriously. Free.
  • One of the game's maps is Naboo's capital city, Theed
  • Some maps and fights are broken into multiple phases (moving through a city, for example)
  • Vehicles and troops are era-appropriate, ie. Vulture Droids and V-Wings for the prequel era
  • AT-RTs look silly, but are super rad in combat
  • There are no more vehicle tokens spread across the map
  • Players will spend "Battle Point" to play with vehicles and Heroes
  • Which includes Darth Maul, who seems crazy powerful
  • Multiple heroes fighting for one team can be deployed at the same time
  • Heroes are not necessarily restricted by era (meaning you could play as Rey on a prequel era map)
  • Heroes who were also in the first game have new abilities, like Boba Fett's new concussion rocket

Let us know what you think plus anything we missed!

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