Batman returns with his 1989 Batmobile in next week's Arkham Knight DLC

Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy may have inspired much of Rocksteady's Batman games, but for the next piece of Batman: Arkham Knight DLC, the studio is looking to another famous filmmaker: Tim Burton. The Batmobile and costume as seen in Burton's 1989 Batman film (and the 1992 sequel Batman Returns) will be available to season pass holders next week, but you can take a sneak peek here right now:

In addition to the costume and car, the 1989 pack DLC will also come with two race tracks to spin your wheels on. While not a straight adaptation of scenes from either of Burton's films, the tracks nonetheless take heavy visual inspiration from the movies, and are thus chock-full of references to events like Joker's parade and locales like Penguin's lair.

Is it too late to also ask for an emote to reproduce this goofy grin? Because it's kind of how I feel watching the Batmobile I grew up with in action.

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Sam Prell

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