11 years later, Skyrim modders are still trying to make the perfect cabbages

(Image credit: Bethesda / Kreiste)

Being an 11-year-old game, Skyrim has had a mod for pretty much everything you could possibly ask for, but still, modders are tinkering away, adding new ideas and improvements to Bethesda's mammoth RPG. And all these years later, they're still trying to perfect the humble cabbage. 

The latest cabbage-themed mod, fittingly titled 'Cabbage - A Cabbage Mod,' transforms the game's lacklustre leafy green offerings into ultra-realistic veggies that look good enough to eat. Sure they don't necessarily add anything to the gameplay, but when it comes to immersion, you shouldn't underestimate the power of a really convincing cabbage. 

This impressive mod is the work of Kreiste (opens in new tab), who shared a video of their creation on YouTube. The footage shows exactly how many triangles and vertices their cabbages use and compares them with the vanilla version of the vegetable as well as other mods designed to improve the appearance of objects, including the Static Mesh Improvement Mod (opens in new tab) and High Poly Project (opens in new tab). Interestingly, Kreiste's cabbages are practically identical to High Poly Project's version but use vastly fewer triangles and vertices.

In the comments, Skyrim fans showed their appreciation for the improved cabbages, with one declaring it their "new favorite mod", while another wrote that, at long last, we finally have "the mod we all deserve". 

If you need better cabbages in your life, head on over to NexusMods (opens in new tab) where you can download Cabbage - A Cabbage Mod for just 26.7 megabytes.

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