100 Weirdest Movie Sequels

Timecop 2: The Berlin Decision (2003)

The Original: Jean-Claude Van Damme high-kicks his way back through time to stop a politician from exploiting time travel for his own means.

The Sequel: Twenty years after the events of the first film, the time-travelling law enforcement agency is still going, but one operative believes that it is his mission to go back in time to kill Hitler and therefore make the world a better place (sound logic there). When our hero Ryan Chan stops him, the guy’s wife is accidentally killed, causing a revenge agenda that endangers the rest of the department.

Possible Fan-Edit: We bet if the filmmakers asked Jean-Claude Van Damme to appear in a sequel now , he would. Just saying.

The Wicker Tree (2010)

The Original: The Wicker Man , in which a police sergeant travels to a Scottish island village in search for a missing girl but is soon caught up in the mysterious rituals of the cult who live there.

The Sequel: Two young Christians travel to the same Scottish village to preach the good word of the Bible. When they are met with open arms by those that live there, the young couple feel welcome and agree to help the residents with their local festival.

Possible Fan-Edit: The film may feature a small role for Christopher Lee but we’d like him to take centre stage again in the film. We miss creepy, old, ritualistic Christopher Lee.

Return To Oz (1985)

The Original: Dorothy, her dog Toto, a scarecrow, a lion and a tin man find themselves on a fantasy mission in Oz in exchange for help from a legendary wizard.

The Sequel: Choosing to ignore the childhood charm and wonder of the lovely first film, this follow-up is set six months after those events and begins with Dorothy forced to escape from a mental institution before finding herself back in Oz and faced with some decidedly freakier creatures.

Possible Fan-Edit: Bring back the magical colours and charm and, for the love of god, cut out the scary Wheelers

C.H.U.D. 2: Bud The Chud (1989)

The Original: A group of disfigured mutant cannibals living in the sewers of New York go on a gruesome killing spree.

The Sequel: The socio-political messages of the first film are switched out in favour of some more palatable hijinks, in which a cannibal monster that looks nothing like the creatures in the first film befriends some party-hard teenagers.

Possible Fan-Edit: The group from the first film catches up with this lone mutant cannibal and chastise him for his reckless partying ways. They then get back on track and continue with their serious murderous mission.

Christmas Vacation 2: Cousin Eddies Island Adventure (2003)

The Original: The Christmas favourite National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation , which shows Chevy Chase on top form as the head of the Griswold family getting into many festive-themed scrapes.

The Sequel: The Griswold’s idiotic Cousin Eddie gets fired from his job after being out-performed by a monkey and the firm end up sending him and his family to an island in the South Pacific to make sure that he doesn’t sue them. While on a boat, Eddie tries to catch a shark, gets the family lost and they end up shipwrecked on a remote island. Hilarious.

Possible Fan-Edit: It doesn’t get said often, but this film lacks Chevy Chase. Maybe he could be the one to finally find and rescue Eddie and his family, in a crowd-pleasing cameo.

Teen Wolf Too (1987)

The Original: The filmmakers capitalise on Michael J. Fox’s Back To The Future stardom with this curious high school comedy about a teenager who has inherited his father’s werewolf gene and becomes the most popular guy in school.

The Sequel: Jason Bateman picks up the pointy-eared mantel for this sequel which is basically a rehash of the first film but swaps basketball for boxing.

Possible Fan-Edit: Is it too much to ask for a scene in Arrested Development that pays homage to Teen Wolf Too? If it’s not coming, we demand that someone cuts footage together and makes Michael Bluth howl at the moon.

Gingerdead Man 2: Passion Of The Crust (2008)

The Original: Gary Busey is the convicted killer who is executed but then manages to come back to life in the form of a gingerbread man and proceeds to track down and torment the girl who sent him to the chair. Presumably leaving crumbs everywhere in the process.

The Sequel: In a weird semi-meta turn for the series, this sequel sees the Gingerdead Man wreaking havoc on the set of a low-budget horror movie, facing off against the cast and crew, as well as a terminally-ill boy who is there to fulfil his dying wish to meet the stars of the film.

Possible Fan-Edit: Whatever means we get to see more Gary Busey acting hilariously mental is fine by us.

Firestarter 2: Rekindled (2002)

The Original: A couple involved in a mysterious experiment have a child – Drew Barrymore – who has the power to start fires with her mind.

The Sequel: Drew Barrymore has grown up and into the unknown Marguerite Moreau who, as the same character with the same ability, is hiding from the government. Meanwhile, dastardly-criminal-with-a-crap-name Rainbird has gathered together lots of children from other experiements – all of whom have different abilities of their own – and tries to get the young firestarter to join the team and take over the world.

Possible Fan-Edit: The sequel seems to have taken ‘tense psychological horror’ and turned it into ‘the naughty Avengers’, so why not splice some of Marvel’s heroes in there?

Critters 2 (1988)

The Original: Furry alien monsters land in a small town and start eating everyone in sight. Then a group of galactic bounty hunters arrive to fend them off and cause just as much trouble.

The Sequel: When the critters left at the end of the last film, it seems that they left behind a nest of eggs. Unfortunately, these are found in spring, causing the townsfolk to mistake them for Easter eggs. What a classic set-up for a distasteful killer monster movie.

Possible Fan-Edit: Someone needs to make a mash-up of this film and Hop . Please?

Waxwork II: Lost In Time (1992)

The Original: A mysterious man arrives in town promoting his waxwork museum. As a group of teenagers come to a special showing, the scenes on display come alive, unleashing evil forces.

The Sequel: As if waxwork dolls coming to life to kill people wasn’t enough of a concept to build a sequel around, this film sees the survivors of the first movie use a time-travel device to go back in the past and find evidence that will prevent one of them from being tried for murder.

Possible Fan-Edit: The sequel we want to see is the same concept but in the famous Madame Tussauds, whereby waxwork A-listers come alive to kill people. We imagine it will be a lot like watching The Expendables .