100 Weirdest Movie Sequels

Happily Ever After (1990)

The Original: Disney classic Snow White , the epitome of fairytale stories, complete with wicked queens and seven dwarves all with easily defined personality disorders.

The Sequel: Made by Filmation, this is an unofficial sequel to Disney’s film but nonetheless continues the story of Snow White. As she is set to marry The Prince, the Wicked Queen’s brother seeks revenge for his sister’s death. Also, the seven dwarves are confusingly replaced here by their all-female cousins, the Dwarfelles.

Possible Fan-Edit: When faced off against the queen’s brother, the Dwarves and the Dwarfelles save the day by combining Power Rangers style into a SuperDwarf.

Prom Night III: The Last Kiss (1990)

The Original: A high school slasher film about a killer taking revenge on those responsible for a girl six years earlier. Curiously, it stars both Leslie Nielsen and Jamie Lee Curtis.

The Sequel: For some reason, this third film in the Prom Night series is the only one to diverge from its horror roots and serve as a comedy instead, actually spoofing the previous two films.

Possible Fan-Edit: Seeing as the original starred Leslie Nielsen, who went on to become the king of spoof films, it seems like a wasted opportunity not have him return for this film. Maybe as Frank Drebin, the police sergeant assigned to investigate the murders.

Return Of The Living Dead: Rave To The Grave (2005)

The Original: A group of teenage punks cope against a horde of zombies that are unleashed onto an unsuspecting town. This film is credited as being the first to suggest that zombies eat brains, rather than just human flesh.

The Sequel: Trioxin, the drug used in previous films to reanimate corpses, is manufactured in pill form and passed around as an ecstasy-like drug, turning ravers into zombies.

Possible Fan-Edit: Punks and ravers join together, putting their musical differences aside to battle the undead. Maybe a Walking Dead cameo or two would go down well too.

Ace Ventura Jr: Pet Detective (2009)

The Original: The film that launched a thousand Jim Carrey gurns, it’s a sharp, silly showcase for the comedy star about a detective with an affinity for pets and animals embroiled in a real homicide case.

The Sequel: The film revolves around the detective’s son who basically behaves in the exact same way as his dad (down to the shirt and hairstyle) and who sets out to clear his mother’s name after she is wrongfully arrested for stealing a baby panda.

Possible Fan-Edit: At least one scene with Carrey in would go a long way. Maybe sitting his son down to talk to him about the birds and the bees… only to actually talk to him about birds and bees.

Beware! The Blob (1972)

The Original: 50s sci-fi-horror film about an indistinguishable alien life form that consumes everything in its path and grows bigger and bigger.

The Sequel: Given a comedy bent, this sequel – also known as Son Of Blob – borders on self-parody. Unbelievably, it was directed by Larry Hagman and thus was re-released 10 years later with the tagline “The film that J.R. shot!”

Possible Fan-Edit: An added scene that sees J.R. succumb to the blob, only to wake up and have Bobby Ewing taking a shower next to him.

The Jerk, Too (1984)

The Original: Steve Martin’s first starring role, in which he plays a complete idiot who is made suddenly wealthy. It was a role that put Steve Martin on the map and is still today one of his best-loved characters.

The Sequel: Steve Martin is swapped out for no-namer Mark Blankfield, who does an awful impression of Martin’s Navin. It would be akin to recasting Borat with some unknown.

Possible Fan-Edit: Steve Martin turns up too and together they have a Dumb And Dumber style adventure.

Psycho IV: The Beginning (1990)

The Original: A young woman is murdered at a motel where a timid young man works under the instruction of his domineering invalid mother. It is a well-known fact that, as a result of this film, not a single shower was taken in 1960.

The Sequel: Serving as both a sequel and a prequel, this film sees Anthony Perkins reprise his role as Norman Bates, who phones into a radio discussion on matricide to discuss his life growing up in the shadow of his controlling mum.

Possible Fan-Edit: He recalls a childhood memory of his mum teaching him to play the violin, telling him to make short, sharp, high-pitched notes, all while Norman turns to the camera and winks.

It Runs In The Family (1994)

The Original: Much-loved classic A Christmas Story , about a young boy and his unwavering desire to own a Red Ryder BB Gun, which frankly should have raised more eyebrows from his family.

The Sequel: Ralphie has been recast with a member of the Child Actors Guild (otherwise known as the Culkin family – this time it’s Kieran) and revolves around him trying to find a sturdy spinning top. The weirdest change is that the film is set in summer – which is a bit like making a sequel to Halloween and setting it around Valentine’s Day.

Possible Fan-Edit: It is revealed that the family have moved to Australia and the film is still set at Christmas time – it’s just that Australian Christmases are set during the summer. That’s a thing, right? Or did we make that up?

Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990)

The Original: The tale of a cute, fluffy creature named Mogwai who unleashes evil, destructive, murderous monsters.

The Sequel: Eschewing the darker, more violent tone of the first film, this sequel concentrates on the comedy element. In fact, it doesn’t really have much of a plot, choosing instead to just show a series of silly Gremlin-related gags.

Possible Fan-Edit: Just a little more blood and gore would go a long way to making the sequel feel like it still belonged to the same world set up in the first film.

Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2 (2004)

The Original: Baby Geniuses , released in 1999, tells the story of two scientists that tap into the hitherto unknown intellectual behaviour of babies. It also features the babies talking with superimposed mouths, an effect that is singlehandedly more terrifying than everything else on this list.

The Sequel: Currently listed on IMDB as the lowest rated movie of all time, this film sees intelligent babies team up with other intelligent babies to thwart Jon Voight’s despicable kidnapping ploy.

Possible Fan-Edit: Just a video made up of edited footage from Jon Voight’s earlier body of work including Midnight Cowboy and Deliverance followed by clips from this sequel while the words “Why Jon, Why?” continually scroll along the bottom.