The 25 greatest movie villains of all time

20. Voldemort

As played by: Ralph Fiennes in Harry Potter and the Goblet Of Fire (2005) and the four subsequent instalments. 

The villain: The cruellest, most powerful wizard who ever lived. He's such a monumental git that his sole mission in life has become the pursuit and murder of a teenage boy. Remember kids, never trust a man with no nose. 

Meanest moment: Killing Harry's parents before attempting to do the same to their infant son. That's really mean. 

Nicest quality: He looks after his followers well. Unless they displease him, obviously.

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19. Reverend Harry Powell

As played by: Robert Mitchum in The Night Of The Hunter (1955) 

The villain: Fraudulent Man of God Harry Powell makes his living through preying upon vulnerable widows, marrying them for their money before dispatching them back to the bosom of the Lord. Pity the poor children who get in his way (and there's a few). 

Meanest moment: Realising that his new bride has clocked his money-grabbing motives, old Harry reaches for his trusty knife to silence his wife once and for all. 

Nicest quality: A lovely singing voice. 

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18. Alex Forrest

As played by: Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction (1987) 

The villain: Michael Douglas' jilted lover comes back to haunt him when she begins stalking his family, putting her own manic stamp on the term femme fatale. A cautionary tale against infidelity if ever there was one.

Meanest moment: Granted, we'd all like to give Michael Douglas a good pant-browning but boiling a rabbit? And his daughter's rabbit, no less. Have you no compassion, woman? 

Nicest quality: It's all borne out of love. Surely nobody could blame her for being too loving, could they?

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17. The Terminator

As played by: Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminator (1984)

The villain: Sure, the T-1000 might be deadlier, but there's no doubting the intimidation factor of Skynet's original robot enforcer. Opting to shoot first and ask questions later, he's a robust killing machine that won't stop until you are dead.  

Meanest moment: When he blazes a trail through the local police station, turning his weapons on anything that moves. 

Nicest quality: If he's on your side, he's lovely! See Terminator 2 for details.

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16. Frank Booth

As played by: Dennis Hopper in Blue Velvet (1986) 

The villain: An underworld kingpin is never going to be the most savoury of characters. As an enthusiast of rape and torture, Frank Booth manages to plumb new depths of depravity. 

Meanest moment: The first encounter with Isabella Rossellini in which he forces her to participate in all manner of sexual acts, inhaling from a tank of Amyl Nitrite as he goes. 

Nicest quality: He promises not to hurt Rossellini's husband and son in exchange for said favours. That's something, right? 

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