You’ll have Tron Legacy for Christmas


December 17 2010. That’s a day that everyone reading this website needs to mark on their calendar.

Use a marker pen, preferably one of those neon blue ones, and write ‘Tron Legacy out today’ in big letters.

So, forget presents. It's time to start sending a few really early letters to Santa, asking for Tron Legacy tickets.

Because no matter what anyone tries to tell you, Tron Legacy is going to be the very definition of awesome.

It’s got Daft Punk doing the soundtrack and lightbikes that look like this:

It can’t possibly fail.

Disney certainly seems confident, shoving 3D Tron into cinemas almost a year to the day after James Cameron's 3D event movie has changed the world as we know it. We think the movie is called Avatar.

Legacy will be battling the Green Hornet and The Smurfs for box office supremacy.

Green Hornet has a killer car, The Smurfs are blue. Watch them both after seeing Tron Legacy and you've got yourself a themedl triple bill, we reckon.

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