The new Xbox One update gets you ready for Xbox One X - transfer your games now, download 4K stuff and more

The new Xbox One update is currently rolling out and basically gets you read for Xbox One X, letting you transfer your games and get 4K stuff ahead of launch. There's also plenty of other little enhancements and improvements for the dashboard. As far as transferring your games and stuff to Xbox One X goes, once you have the update you'll be able to copy your games, apps and settings to an external hard drive, ready to put on your new Xbox One X when it arrives. 

A Bulk Transfer option will let you choose as much or as little as you want to copy. And, if you don't have an external HDD handy, you'll be able to do it via a network transfer when you have both machines connected. 

You can also now, space permitting, download 4K and Xbox One Enhanced game content ahead of schedule. That means you can basically set up your Xbox One X now and copy it all over later. The update will also let you filter the game library to find just the Enhanced stuff. 

As for less Xbox One X centric changes, perhaps the most important one is that the Games & Apps buttons is now finally front and centre. You know, in case you want to play some games on your game console.  For the first time in a while, the set up looks like it isn't trying to hide the things you need away somewhere. 

Then there are blocks, a new way of organising your favourite games and friends. You can select any title or person and create a Block - grouping together all the relevant info - which then appears at the bottom of the screen a little bit like an XMB. You can also now use up to 40 pins to further collect the bits and pieces you want to get to fast. 

Other little tweaks include the option for a light or dark overall theme, faster navigation through tabs via stick, D-pad or bumpers, and you can now attach a USB webcam for streaming (although you'll still need a headset if you want anyone to hear you).

Leon Hurley
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