Yakuza 2 heading to the PS2 in 2008

Sept 21, 2007

We were excited as hell when we first heard about Yakuza 3, and when Yakuza 2 released in Japan last year, we eagerly waited for news of a US version. Fortunately, fans can finally look forward to seeing more of tough guy, Kiryu Kazuma as Sega has just announced that Yakuza 2 will be heading to the PS2 in 2008, and we imagine that a UK release can’t be far behind.

Yakuza 2 takes place one year after the events of the original, and continues to follow the story of Kiryu Kazuma. As the new big wig of the Tojo Clan, Kazuma decides that it’s time to retire. But the future leader of the Tojo Clan that he appointed winds up getting assassinated by a rival gang, the Omi.

Expect to travel throughout Japan as Kazuma fights to prevent an all-out war between the two rival gangs. But don’t expect Kazuma to be a reformed peace-nick now that he’s out to smooth out relationships between the Omi and Tojo clans.

As with the original, Kazuma will be making time with the ladies when he’s not busy feeding fist sandwiches to everyone who gets in his way.

You can check out the latest screen shots by hitting the Images tab up top. While you’re at it, head here for more knowledge on Yakuza 3 for the PS3.


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