Xenoblade Chronicles Colony 6 reconstruction guide

Find every single material, monster drop, and collectible required to rebuild Colony 6


Lv0 - Lv1: 10000g

- 2 Igna Hide Jackets: Dropped by Fighter Ignas. Find them in the Igna Territory of Satorl Marsh

- 2 Amblygon Turtle: Collectible from Colony 6

Lv1 - Lv2: 22000g

- 3 Hode Planks: Dropped by Hyle Hodes. Find them in the Hode Lair or Abyss Basin of Makna Forest

- 2 Ready Coils: Collectible from Ether Mine

Lv2-Lv3: 55000g

- 3 Shiny Kromar Hide: Dropped by Kromars. Find them on the Seal Islands or Reef 7 of Eryth Sea

- 2 Slick Kromar Stone: Dropped by Kromars. Find them on the Seal Islands or Reef 7 of Eryth Sea

- 2 Blue Ladybird: Collectible in High Entia Tomb

Lv3-Lv4: 100,000g

- 5 Piranhax Fishmeal: Dropped by Fair Piranhax. Find them at Inlet Beach or Radiocarpea Coast on Fallen Arm

- 8 Silver Antol Fibre: Dropped by Antols. Find them around Digit 1 on Fallen Arm

- 3 Sour Turnip: Collectible from Fallen Arm

- 2 Mossy Panel: Collectible from Mechonis Field

Lv4-Lv5: 250,000g

- 1 Ocean Elixer of Life: Dropped by Kyel Lexos. Find them on Freight Road in Colony 6 during rainstorms. Only appears after you gain access to the second part of the Bionis’ Iterior.

- 4 Ancient Sardi Meat: Dropped by Throne Sardi on Hazzai Cape in Colony 9

- 2 Art Core Coils: Collectible from Galahad Fortress

- 1 Fortune Feather: Collectible from Agniratha

- 4 Hill Fireflies: Collectible from Bionis’ Leg