World of Tanks prepares for Tanksgiving Special with Update 7.0 teaser

Update 7.0 is coming soon to World of Tanks, staying out of line-of-site with the sneaky camouflage feature. Check out the latest teaser from for a look at the new Fjords map, clan emblems, and more tank-on-tank action. 

World of Tanks veterans can also look forward to a special “Tanksgiving Special” scheduled to run from 11:30AM UTC on November 24 through 11:00AM on November 28. Expect more announcements on’s upcoming Tanksgiving Special here. In the meantime, you can expect double credits from battles with the following tanks:

JagdPz IV

Above: World of Tanks Update 7.0 teaser

If you’d like to test out Update 7.0, check the public test server on November 24. will be bringing the test servers back online after some downtime tomorrow.


  • SideOfBeef - November 23, 2011 7 a.m.

    That trailer missed the part where some kid bought a gold tank and is completely impervious in the middle of that fight. To expand on Dehumanization's point Bounced Off! That one didn't go through! We just dinged him! Bounced! No effect on target! That one bounced! I do wonder what stats they'll assign to actual gold camo.
  • Dehumanization - November 22, 2011 11:06 p.m.

    Bounced Off!

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