Warhawk add-on pack packs a punch

Dec 19, 2007

Operation: Omega Dawn breaths new life into the already-lively Warhawk on PS3. For a mere $7.99, players can get in on the action, including six new map configurations, a new battlefield and the KT-424 Combat Dropship - “a supreme vehicle that can transport up to seven troopers and a ground vehicle at one time, allowing for massive invasions on enemy territories,” Sony tells us.

Sony goes on to say that “The Dropship act as a multiplayer Boss character, similar to those found in single player games, and creates memorable moments where seven players are operating in smooth coordination.”

We’ll have to try that out for ourselves as soon as the add-on pack becomes available on December 20. Serious Warhawk fans should also be aware that V1.2 patch has gone up as of 8 am today. You can read all about it in Game Director, Dylan Jobe’s blog.


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