Virtual Console update

Joining the downloadable fray today are three extremely different styles of gaming - a simian platformer, a trashy beat 'em up and a shove-lasers-down-your-throat shooter. Can't wait to see how Nintendo ties them all together for the sake of a press release. Oh wait, this is it:

"The elves mining Nintendo's vaults for classic games have unearthed three new ones to add to the Wii Shop Channel. They feature ragers, lasers and, um, monkeys not in cages. Anyway, it's unlikely that you've played all three of these, so go ahead and check 'em out. Or the elves will cry."

So yeah. This week you're getting Streets of Rage 2 (800 points), Blazing Lazers (600 points) and Donkey Kong Country 2 (800 points). Here's a shared trait for everyone: all three of these games have outstanding music, so grab 'em just for the tunes. You will not be disappointed. Oh and they're all three pretty friggin' awesome games too, so this is a bad ass week for Virtual Console updates after all. Sure beats downloading Gyruss.
May 21, 2007


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