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Urbz: Sims in the City Cheats, Codes & Guides

Urbz: Sims in the City faqs

  • Submitted by Princess of Darkness @ Al-Fez

Urbz: Sims in the City Cheats

  • Cheats From the Cheat Ninja

    All Cheats are purchased from the Cheat Ninja, Heidi Shadows. She only appears at certain places at certains times, and for a of only four hours a day. To get to these locations you have to be well into Mission 4.

    Where/ When to find Heidi's Shadow:

    1am-2am: Use the Time Trave machiene to travel to Nov. 29, 1984. (You have to be done with level 5 to go here)

    2am-3am: Near the Back of The Carnival

    4am-5am: Paradise Island

    6am-7am: Secret Tunnel Between the Jail and the Dark Tree

    10am-11am: Moonbase Zeta

    Go to one of these places and talk to Heidi, when you do, her shop inventory will pop up. Just buy one of the items, go to your pockets and consume the item.

    Here's what each Item does:

    Rosebud: 2,222$ in Cash
    Silver Tongued Berry Smoothie: 1 Charisma Pt.
    Gourmet Berry Smoothie: 1 Cooking Pt.
    Clock Berry Smoothie: 1 Mechanical Pt.
    Buff Berry Smoothie: 1 Body Pt.
    Mind Berry Smoothie: 1 Logic Pt.
    Da Vinci Berry Smoothie: 1 Creative Pt.
    Slip Of Paper: Password For Club Xizzle, and the recipe for strawberry tiramisu
    Submitted by It's Just Me
  • Cheats

    Entry location: Make the Gnome appear first, then wander around until you find the gnome and enter the cheats.
    Down, L, Z, R, X, Left - Makes Gnome Appear
    Down, Z, Up, Y, R - Acquire Skill Object
    B, Left, X, R, L, A - Get All Power Socials
    B, Left, X, R, L - Get Power Socials
    R, Y, Up, Z, Down - Max Artistic Skill
    Down, X, Left, R, Down - Max Mental Skill
    R, Z, Down, Y, Y - Max Physical Skill
    Submitted by None
  • The password to club Xizzle

    The password to club xizzle is bucket
    Submitted by Ben
  • Reveals Cheat Gnome

    Once you put this in it opens the Gnome up and then put in a code.
    Circle + L1 + L2 + R2 +R1
    Now you can put in all of these other cheats!
    Submitted by None
  • Beefcake-Max. Physical Skills

    L1 + R1 + Down + X + L3
    Submitted by None
  • Braniac-Max. Mental Skills

    L1 + R1 + X + Circle + Up
    Submitted by None
  • Art Damaged-Max Art Skill

    L3 + R3 + R1 + R2 + Circle
    Submitted by None
  • Power Hunger

    Triangle + R2 + L1 + X + Square
    Submitted by None
  • See team photo

    At the credits screen press Up, Down, Circle, Up, Down
    Submitted by None
  • Raise Motives

    R2, L1, R1, L2, Left, Circle
    Submitted by None
  • Skill Object

    L1, R2, Right, Square, L3
    Submitted by None
  • Reveals Cheat Gnome

    Once you put this in it opens the Gnome up and then put in another code.
    B + L + White + Black
    LEFT + Y + DOWN + A + X
    Now you can put in all of these other cheats!
    Submitted by None
  • Beefcake-MaA. Physical Skills

    L + R + Down + A + Left thumb click
    L + R + A + DOWN + BLACK
    Submitted by None
  • Braniac-MaA. Mental Skills

    L + R + A + B + Up
    L + B + A + BLACK + DOWN
    Submitted by None
  • Art Damaged-Max Art Skill

    Left thumb click + Right thumb click + R + Black + B
    Y + DOWN + BLACK + A + B
    Submitted by None
  • Power Hunger

    Y + Black + L + A + X
    Submitted by None
  • Team Photo

    At credits screen press Up + Down + X + Up + Down
    Submitted by None

Urbz: Sims in the City Hints

  • Running from the Law

    Entry location: the University
    In mission 4 when you need to find someone to take the letter to Paradise Island, the boy in the University who is always asleep is the person who will take it for you.
    Submitted by Yobo
  • Genie Bottle

    Invite over Crystal, and if she likes your place, she'll give you a genie bottle. Keep it in your pocket and whenever you need, go to your packets and press on it, it will poof you to your geenie bottle wherever you are. The only problem is that you cannot put anything inside, all you can do is sleep and use the bathroom. But it's great for when you're about to wet your pants or fall asleep on the ground!
    Submitted by mo mo
  • Get out of Jail Free!

    If you get thrown in jail and can't get out, here's a trick to get out free: Don't eat any food. Eventually, your hunger level will drop, and you will pass out. The guards will take you to the hospital, at which time you can go free!
    Submitted by Nicholas
  • How to unlock Daruis' Penthouse

    All you have to do is get rid of all the villains then go to the subway (way of getting around) and go to the bottom and Darius' penthouse should be there. It's huge and you can get a pet monkey and it looks really good if you do it up.
    Submitted by JDL
  • Recipes

    birthday cupcakes:1vanilla,1sugar,1flour
    strawberry shortcake:1strawberry,1sugar,1flour
    pecan pie:1flour,1nut,1sugar
    apple pie:1apple,1flour,1sugar
    chocolate decadence:2chocolate,1flour
    chocolate cake:1chocolate,1sugar,1flour
    low-carb chocolate cake:1sugar,2chocolate
    lemon tart :1lemon 1sugar,1flour
    Submitted by day day from philly
  • More time on the comedy minigame

    When you play this minigame the crowd will throw roses when you're good collect the roses for more time.
    Submitted by Arcanie444
  • Places to find xizzle beads

    In the hospital on the right in the flower pot. And in the school bus's door. And if someone is at 75% relationship or higher they give them to you.
    Submitted by david seelman
  • Change clothing

    Don't like the clothes you picked out for your sim? No problem! Just go to the first store in the game(the neighborhood with the jail) and go over in the back where there's a huge rack of clothes. Just press the a button when you get close to it and it goes back to the screen in the beginning when you designed the clothes!
    Submitted by Mike
  • Cooking your own meals

    In the Urbz you can cook many different dishes. you do this by purchasing the better mixer and an oven. Here are some of the recipes that you can use and then later sell.
    fudge brownies- 2 chocolate 1 nuts
    pecan pie- 1 flour 1 nuts 1 sugar
    sugar cookies- 2 sugar 1 flour
    apple pie- 1 apple 1 sugar 1 flour
    chocolate cake- 1 chocolate 1 sugar 1 flour
    birthday cupcakes- 1 vanilla 1 sugar 1 flour
    remember to cook the mix after you make it. you also need a high cooking level for these recipes to work. there are other recipes so experiment with them all.
    Submitted by woe_betide
  • Get a Chopper

    In mission 3 (Daddy BigBucks and the Xizzle Factory), you must earn creativity 5. For this, go to the university between 10am and 1pm. Keep atending class. Next, you must get Ewan to 50%. I found this hard, so I wrote it down. He likes: Costruction, Cooking, Museums, Health, Exercise, Cars, art, Books, and sports. He also likes the usual compliment, cheer up, ect. Then, go to the place where the dirt bike track is. Talk to Dusty Hogg. Between 6 and 7pm, he will want you to race him. Have at least 20 seconds of boost and the second engine. Ounce you beet him, he will give you his chopper.
    Submitted by greg

Urbz: Sims in the City Unlockables

  • Cities that you can unlock!

    ~Here are the unlockable cities !~
    1.Skyline Beach
    2.Kicktail Park
    3.Central Station
    4.Diamond Heights
    5.The Foundry
    6.Gasoline Row
    7.Southside Bridge
    8.Cozmo Street
    9.Neon East

    ~Here are the unlockable homes!:)~
    1.98th Avenue 3rd floor Apt.
    2.Blankwood Towers
    3.Darius' Penthouse.

    ~And Now The Villains!~
    1Kiki Blunt
    2.Urangoo McBain
    3.Harry Snivel
    Submitted by carrots
  • Storage Area Unlocks

    Lost Cave in Sim Quarter - Get to 100% relationship with Ewan Watahmee
    Garbage Can near Club Xizzle - Get to 100% relationship with Phoebe Twiddle
    Projection Booth Near Snack counter at cinema in Glasstown - Get to 100% relationship with Theresa Bullhorn
    Old School Bus by Thrift Shop - Get to 100% relationship with Giuseppi Mezzoalto
    Submitted by None

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