Under the Radar - Day Three

They're not household titles, but these unknown games hold a lot of promise

2 Days to Vegas

From: Steel Monkeys
Who did: Rocky
And live in: Minsk, Belarus

Since sending ripples of excitement through the gaming world in mid-2005 with a handful of astonishing screenshots, it's all gone quiet on the 2 Days... front. One of the Steel Monkeys devs did hold court on a forum answering questions about the online elements, but it was all in Russian. Niet!

Offline the game has you playing as a newly-released felon and it's set in various US cities over the course of 48 hours. The spiel reads like a mixture of Driver and GTA but with no word of a release date and no new info for an age, we're beginning to worry...


Car chases, well known cities, gun battles and stunning screenshots: great. No fresh info for a year: troubling.