Undead armada

Prepare yourself for the Dead Rising media carpet bombing

Name: Jessie
Occupation: Looking fine, acting tough, working with Brad... being hot...

Jessie is an enigma wrapped in a puzzle ensconced within a mystery... covered in chocolaty-sweet gorgeous. Frank can't quite wrap his mind around her motivations at the early stages of the game, but rest assured, he'll keep banging away at this puzzle as long as it takes. Her beauty hides a canny intellect that keeps Frank on his toes and makes him nervous at the same time. Does he have butterflies in his stomach because at any moment zombies might burst through a nearby opening and chew through his esophagus, or because Jessie is in such close proximity? Sigh...

Chance for survival: 4/5 Zombie Heads - Clearly, nobody this cute can be killed by conventional weaponry... unless it's in the third act as something specifically designed to infuriate Frank into a zombie annihilating rage. So, there's a chance she'll get killed off, but we are begging for that not to happen.

Likely love connection? As the page tab to the upper left suggests: Oh please, yes. Even in the briefest of exchanges, Jessie and Frank flirt as much as Samuel L. Jackson playing a drunken sailor swears (read: a lot). It's pretty clear they're into each other... now, if only he can crack through her layer of icy professionalism.