Turning Point: Fall of Liberty

What if the Nazis reached our shores?

Fall of Liberty? Sounds criminally like Resistance: Fall of Man to us, and the %26ldquo;tributes%26rdquo; don%26rsquo;t stop there. Codemaster%26rsquo;s FPS features a similar %26ldquo;alternate history%26rdquo; WWII setting, plus gaming%26rsquo;s favorite baddies, the Nazis, and modernized weapons (like Resistance, again) as they storm into and take over New York (Freedom Fighters?), marching to world domination. In their way stand a handful of rebels (Freedom Fighters?Hello?) and you, Danny Carson.


Hi, I’m Nathan. You may remember me from such websites as, erm, this one circa 2011. Been hustling in games for over a decade and write for Official PlayStation, Official Xbox, Gamesmaster and more.
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