Treyarch teases Black Ops: Annihilation map pack with new trailer

Call of Duty: Black Ops' 1960s setting was a dark time, with Communist paranoia, social unrest, and Robert Strange McNamara's haircut seeing the world through a morally-dense fog of war. But it was also a weird-ass decade, with sci-fi weirdness permeating the culture, aliens knocking about the New Mexico desert, and recreational crazes like mini-golf flooding the suburbs before “kitsch” was even a thing. For a map pack with a grim-'n'-gritty name like Annihilation, the latest Black Ops DLC sure does pack plenty of the era's loopiness into the best-selling title.

Here's the behind-the-scenes trailer for the pack, which makes its XBL debut on June 28 with day-one downloaders treated to a double-XP weekend starting July 1. The trailer offers a few location-specific tips for the new multiplayer maps – Hangar 18, Silo, Hazard and Drive-In – and a look at Shangri-La, the new Zombies map which injects Night of the Living Dead into that other 60s obsession: mystical old Eastern stuff. Basically, it's a tightly-wound cornucopia of 60s oddity, held together with the ability to stab people in the gut for fun. If that notion doesn't hold anything new for you, you may actually be Charles Manson... in which case, your presence on our site is both flattering and terrifying.

Jun 16, 2011